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Korbell Bin Bundle Review

Korbell Bin Bundle Review
Why should I have a bin in my baby’s nursery?

Having a bin in your baby’s nursery- given that it is clean, conceals odours and is child proof- makes nappy changes much more convenient!

With young babies needing as many as 10 – 12 nappy changes per day, having a bin right next to your baby’s changing station will definitely save a lot of time and energy- especially for those middle-of-the-night nappy changes!


Plan to make your family’s future secure

Financial planning for your family

There’s no denying it, children don’t come cheap, but by planning ahead and managing your cash flow, you can take some of the stress out of raising a family.
Plan to make your family’s future secure

The cost of raising a child (excluding housing, childcare and council tax) from birth to 18 is £71,611 for a couple, and £97,862 for a single parent or guardian, according to the Child Poverty Action Group.


Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Review

What is a formula dispenser machine?

A baby formula dispenser machine, or baby formula maker, blends the right amount of powder and water to quickly dispense the perfect bottle- which is at the perfect temperature and consistency.


Business Ideas for Mums

Business Ideas for Mums – If you have found your way to this blog then you are in the exact same position as I was in.. a little over 5 years ago. The good news is that you are finally on your way to finding your dream business.So many of us thinking about it for so long but don’t take action, today you have taken action so well done you!!!!


The Benefits of Cloth Nappies

Today we have an article from cloth nappy expert, Emma Gauden, from Nappy Noos, all about the benefits of cloth nappies.

What are the benefits of using cloth nappies?

 There are a number of benefits to using cloth nappies. There are benefits to the environment, your baby and your bank balance.


How to Wash Cloth Nappies

How to Wash Reusable Nappies!

Want to keep your reusable nappies in tip-top condition? Leading reusable nappy brand TotsBots offers a handy step-by-step guide to get the best out of your reusable nappies.


Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

We all want security and stability within our lives. A lot of the time this is not achievable. However, one area where you can create security and stability is your marriage. Whether you are already married, about to get married or enter into a civil partnership; putting a nuptial agreement in place can help with logistics.


How to Dress a January Newborn Baby

First of all, Congratulations you are having a January or winter baby. If this is your first baby or the first baby you have had in the cold weather you might be wondering what baby clothes to dress baby in, you want your baby comfortable but you also want your baby safe too.


What is a power of attorney?

What is a power of attorney?
Sometimes we all need a helping hand. But what if a short-term fix isn’t the answer? What if you become unable to make good decisions about your life, health, money, property?

Andrew Guilfoyle, a solicitor at the Hampshire-based law firm, Barker Son & Isherwood, explains how a Power of Attorney could help protect you and the things you own.


Tommee Tippee Super Steam n Dry Advanced Electric Steriliser & Dryer Review & Demo

Tommee Tippee Advanced Steri-Dryer 

When you have a newborn you are constantly making sure things are clean and safe… or maybe that’s just me that’s over the top about germs! Sterilising items such as dummies, bottles or other baby feeding accessories happens in most households where there is a baby; and with so many different sterilisers around it can be confusing what to use. I love the idea of always having the sterilised bottles ready for my daughter.


Perfect Prep Day and Night Machine Review

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day and Night 

Feeding your child is such a personal decision, Tommee Tippee have a huge range of equipment to support both breastfeeding and bottle feeding.


Five Questions You Should Ask Your Preschool

You may feel overwhelmed and excited when selecting a preschool for your child. How do you make sure you choose the best program as a parent? 

Here are some questions parents should ask their child’s preschool and child day care: 


Self Harm as a New Mum – My Story

At MyBump2Baby we believe it is important to share real life stories from real life mums in our real life section to help raise awareness on many different subjects. Today we share an incredibly moving blog on women’s mental health and self harming. Do you remember that time? You know the one before you had […]



Natural Birthing Company are here to take the confusion and fear out of
using essentials oils in pregnancy. The entire collection at Natural Birthing
Company uses essential oils that have been chosen by experts to ensure
their products are completely safe to use during pregnancy or when
breastfeeding; so there’s no second-guessing if it’s safe to use. Natural
Birthing Company has taken the hard work out of choosing safe effective
essential oils and have blended them in such a way as to create beautiful


9 DPO Pregnancy Symptoms

9dpo pregnancy symptoms – When you’re trying for a baby, the wait until you can receive a positive pregnancy test result can feel like an eternity. You may be wondering: at 9 DPO, can I receive an accurate pregnancy test result?


NBC Down Below Oil Press Release




Approximately two to four days after birth you may notice your breasts are warmer and fuller feeling; this is known as your milk coming in. Some mothers feel a tingling or pins and needles sensation in the breast. Sometimes there is a sudden feeling of fullness in the breast.
Your breasts can feel very painful, and you may even feel like you have a flu or cold. But it is not serious, and soon goes away by itself!



Studies suggest that as many as two-thirds of pregnant women become more sensitive and reactive to the scents around them when they’re pregnant, with many noticing this change in their first trimester. In fact, Stanford researchers hypothesise that the morning sickness many women experience during pregnancy
may be connected to a heightened sense of smell.


Brown Discharge at 7 Weeks Pregnant

Brown Discharge at 7 Weeks Pregnant
What does brown discharge at pregnancy week 7 mean?

Brown discharge typically means that there is blood within your discharge. Brown blood is old blood that has been in the uterus for a while.


Things to do in London with Kids

things to do in London with kids – Visiting London with kids can be an incredible experience if you pick the right things to do, of course, you have the usual London attractions that you can go to but if you have done those before, you are looking for budget friendly things to or or you like the idea of a different experience you have come to the right place.


What is a MAT B1 Form

what-is-a-mat-b1-form A MAT B1 form- or a maternity certificate- is a form you need to claim for maternity pay and benefits.


What Are The Fun Aspects of Being Pregnant?

What Are The Fun Aspects of Being Pregnant?
No one said it was going to be easy; no one said it was going to be this hard. That seems to accurately sum up the pregnancy and motherhood experience, doesn’t it? And this shouldn’t come as too big a surprise — it is, after all, perhaps the biggest thing that you’ll do in your life. Still, while there is, of course, an element of seriousness here, it doesn’t mean that it has to be serious all the time. Not at all! In fact, there are many fun aspects of being pregnant, or at least there can be if you make it happen. In this blog, we’re going to look at just some of the fun elements of being pregnant that you may have overlooked — who knows, the thought of these might just help you to get through those bouts of morning sickness!


How To Winterproof Your Home This Winter, And Moving Forward

In Britain, as in most of the Northern hemisphere, we’re getting ready to bid farewell to those lazy, languid days of summer as we prepare to usher in the welcome mat for Jack Frost & Co. It is rather safe to say however, that our weather forecasters have not exactly been playing along with us of late and all predictions are that we can look forward to hotter summers but much more severe winters, too and that means that it’s time to do a quick check on your house to make sure that you home isn’t just winterproof against the cold, but that it’s well maintained and insulated to save you some money as well.


Maternity Leave Mortgages

Maternity Leave Mortgages
Whilst having a baby is an amazing experience- it can also be quite scary for working mums! You may be wondering, how will our finances be affected? What will they look like? Will we be able to manage money-wise?

Since your income will most likely be reduced whilst on maternity leave- especially if you are only receiving SMP (Statutory maternity pay)- you may be worried about passing lender’s affordability checks.


How to Prepare your Family to Move

How to Prepare your Family to Move – Moving the family to a new home can be difficult. There is so much adjusting to be done that it can seem a daunting task to make your kids feel comfortable having to start all over.


Legoland Windsor Review

Legoland Windsor Review
Legoland Windsor is one of six Legoland theme parks across the world. Each LEGOLAND is bursting with interactive family rides, live shows, building workshops and amazing attractions.


What is Income Protection?

What is Income Protection?
Income protection insurance is an important thing to consider if you are either a working individual, or a working member of a family.
MyBump2Baby are happy to bring you this article, written by Luke Stevens- director and protection advisor at- More Than Money.
This article will cover everything you need to know about Income Protection.