MyBump2Baby are delighted to offer online business coaching and business mentorship with our founder Carla Lett. Carla Lett successfully launched MyBump2Baby during maternity leave back in 2016. Carla built her business online, creating the life she wanted with no funding or investment. MyBump2Baby is now one of the UK’s leading parenting platforms.

Carla has been offering online business coaching services since the launch of MyBump2Baby. Her unique, relatable and real online coaching skills have helped many different business owners such as; industry leaders, solopreneurs to small business owners interested in taking their business to the next level. Carla also loves to help start ups on the start of their business journey.

Having one on one coaching sessions are hugely beneficial to business owners, not only are Carla’s sessions designed to help keep you accountable but the online coaching program is also designed to ensure you are putting in consistent action to achieve success in your business.

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Business Coaching for Mums

Our founder is works as a business coach for mums throughout the UK in a bid to take them to their next level of success wherever that may be.

Carla launched her business when she was a new mum and understands how difficult it can be to balance work and family life.

Carla’s business is now an online passive income business and Carla spends her spare time coaching and mentoring other mums to help them earn more and work less creating the perfect healthy work life balance through their own successful businesses.

  • Are you a busy mum interested in being a successful business owner?
  • Maybe you have a business idea but you have no idea where to start when it comes to business?
  • Perhaps you are a mum who already runs your own business but you are ready to take it to the next level?
  • Maybe you lack confidence and you want coaching to help you reach success.

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“Carla’s down to earth nature, personal, honest but confident approach to coaching is a breath of fresh air, I was nervous about investing in a business coach but i knew I needed to. There are lots of business coaches out there who have no experience of  launching their own businesses other than their coaching business worried me. I love the fact Carla has launched her own successful business, I had followed her motherhood journey and used her directory to find local businesses. I actually watched her business grow before my eyes, I felt choosing her as my business coach was a no brainer”

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Online business coaches are hugely popular amongst business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level and achieve long term success. You may be interested in working with Carla if you are looking for the following;

  • To improve your confidence as a business owner
  • To achieve business growth for long term success
  • To reach financial goals and find more freedom
  • To improve accountability
  • To improve consistency
  • To be more productive
  • To find a better work life balance
  • To find a shortcut to success

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Here are some of the benefits of online business coaching with Carla

A coach who understands your vision

A coach that keeps you accountable

A coach that celebrates your success

A coach who gives you confidence to get more sales

A coach you can work with from the comfort of your own home

A coach to help guide you in the right direction

A coach who stands beside you

A coach who encourages you to grow your business beyond your wildest dreams

Are you ready for more success, more confidence and more money?

Running your own business can be lonely especially if you are a one man/woman band, it can be difficult to hold yourself accountable day in and day out. Motivation can slide when you are the only one checking in on yourself.

One negative client, review or comment can knock your confidence and make you question everything, I know this because I have been there and unfortunately as business professionals we have to take the rough with the smooth. This is much easier to handle when you have a coach that is there to support you and reassure you.

Finding the right business coach for you for many other business owners can be the one thing standing between you and more clients and more success.

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Is Carla the Online Business Coach for you? Here are some testimonials from Carla’s clients;

“Investing in business coaching has been incredible for me, i now run a successful online business. At first I was skeptical about having a business coach but business coaching works. I knew what I needed to do to grow my business idea but the thought of managing it all as well as my two children seemed daunting. Carla helped me by keeping me accountable with monthly meetings and check ins, she’s helped me so much as I really feel that investing in an online business coach is the best investment I have ever made”.

“I knew I wanted to find a business coach and I tried a few but found that many business coaches i tried haven’t actually ran successful businesses. I love the fact I have watched Carla’s business grow from 2016 and I fully trust her, she has been helping women like me for years. I enjoy working with Carla, she is relatable, friendly and down to earth but I also know that I need to complete the tasks we set to reach my next income level. I started with Carla when I was just starting out and now I run on six figures. Thank you for everything Carla you are the best online business coach going!!!”

“Thing thing I love about Carla’s coaching is that she remains impartial, she helps you make the right decisions for your business without telling you what to do, she shares her knowledge and experiences but also helps you build confidence and also handle difficult situations with confidence and ease. Being an entrepreneur can be terrifying and it can be a lonely world but having a business coach really does feel like you have someone besides you supporting your brand and chosen career. Thank you for everything Carla and team, I don’t know where I would be without you.”