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Izmi Baby Carrier Review

What is a baby carrier and why do I need one?

Izmi baby carrier review
Baby carriers are an essential item to many parents; they allow you to keep your baby close whilst you complete tasks around the house. Having your hands and arms free whilst being able to keep your baby snuggled up against you is a dream for any busy parent.


How to Wash Cloth Nappies

How to Wash Reusable Nappies!

Want to keep your reusable nappies in tip-top condition? Leading reusable nappy brand TotsBots offers a handy step-by-step guide to get the best out of your reusable nappies.


How to Dress a January Newborn Baby

First of all, Congratulations you are having a January or winter baby. If this is your first baby or the first baby you have had in the cold weather you might be wondering what baby clothes to dress baby in, you want your baby comfortable but you also want your baby safe too.


Five Questions You Should Ask Your Preschool

You may feel overwhelmed and excited when selecting a preschool for your child. How do you make sure you choose the best program as a parent? 

Here are some questions parents should ask their child’s preschool and child day care: 


Next2me Forever Crib Review

Next2me Forever Crib Review
The Next2Me Forever Crib is the newest addition to the Chicco crib family. It is suitable for your baby from birth up to 4 years and provides the perfect “cosleeping solution! The Next2Me Forever cosleeping cot gives parents the freedom to decide when it is the right time to move their little one from a co-sleeping cot to a traditional cot, even past six months, allowing for a better sleep for both parent and child.


Sleep Regression Ages and How to Survive it

sleep regression ages -You’ve probably heard of them, you might be experiencing one right now, or counting down the days worrying about one, but what is a sleep regression, why do they happen, when are the sleep regression ages and how can you survive them?


What to Wear on a Family Walk

what-to-wear-on-a-family-walk – British weather can be very unpredictable, so it is important that you come fully prepared with light layers and warm weathers so you are able to tackle your family walk, no matter the temperature!
You should bring waterproof jackets for cold weather and thin layers- such as light tops and trousers- for warm weather.


How to Cope with Breastfeeding Stress

How to Cope with Breastfeeding Stress – Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful experiences a mother can have, but it comes with its stress points. Some people find it challenging to breastfeed their baby, either because of physical complications, or because the baby doesn’t seem to take to the breast as easily as they’d like. 


5 Best Baby Pods and Nests

Best Baby Pods and Nests

Baby Pods and Baby Nests are a great for putting your baby down whilst you’re doing daily tasks. They provide your baby with comfortable and secure-feeling naps, or overnight sleeps, thanks to the soft bottom and padded walls which simulate the feeling of inside the womb.

This article will discuss the top 5 Best Baby Pods and Nests.


6 of The Best Baby Monitors for Newborns

6 Best Baby Monitors
Baby monitors are a relatively new product for parents, yet they are becoming increasingly popular as the years go by. It is a must-have for most parents now. These new devices can be used to watch your baby from your smart phone or tablet- enabling you to monitor how your baby is doing whilst they are sleeping- without having to creep into their room and potentially wake them. They can also be used to check in on your baby whilst you are working.

This article by MyBump2Baby brings you the 6 Best Baby Monitors.


8 of the Best Baby Baths for Newborns

8 Best Baby Baths | MyBump2Baby
Bath time is a great bonding experience for you and your baby- with the bath water at the right temperature, bath times could even replicate the safety of the womb for your little one.

That doesn’t mine that bath times can’t be nerve-wracking- especially for first time parents.

MyBump2Baby brings you the article “8 Best Baby Baths” to help you find the right bath for you- whether it be non-slip, fold-up, a bath made for the sink, or even a more luxurious baby bath tub with a shower head.


Advice For New Parents Who Are Stressed Out

Advice For New Parents Who Are Stressed Out
Having a new baby around the house is a happy time in your life but can also be quite an overwhelming experience. You may feel anxious and stressed out some days and are wondering the best ways to manage these emotions and feelings.


4-Month Sleep Regression

4 month sleep regression

When a baby goes through sleep regression, it can be particularly difficult for parents. If your child was previously sleeping well at around the 3 month mark, and it now feels like they have gone many steps backwards, it can make you feel defeated and discouraged.


Symptoms of Colic in Breastfed Babies

Symptoms of colic in breastfed babies
Colic, as described by the NHS, is “when a baby cries a lot but there’s no obvious cause”.
It is natural for a healthy breastfed baby to cry; it is your baby’s way of communicating their needs with you


What is Postpartum Preeclampsia?

What’s Postpartum Preeclampsia?

Postpartum Preeclampsia is a very uncommon and life threatening condition, where you have high blood pressure and excess amounts of protein in your urine, that can occur after childbirth. Postpartum Preeclampsia usually occurs within 48 hours of childbirth


Bad Parenting Signs – 10 signs to look out for

Bad parenting signs – 10 signs to look out for. Unfortunately, when you become a parent there is no handbook included. Being a good parent is something you learn as you go along. A question that goes through a lot of parent’s mind is “Will I be a good parent?”


Why is my Baby Crying in their Sleep?

Why is my baby crying in sleep?
Your babies cries are usually quickly rectified by giving them a bottle or changing their bum, however, when your baby is crying in their sleep it can be upsetting and a little bizarre.


7 Best Stair Gates for Babies

7 Best Stair Gates for Babies
One of the most exciting parts of parenthood is when your baby becomes a “professional crawler” and begins to explore the world around them.

If your baby is up and on the move, you will most likely be wanting to get a stair gate to keep your little one safe- but which stair gate is best?

MyBump2Baby brings you the “7 Best Stair Gates For Babies” to answer that question.


The Importance of Baby and Toddler Groups

The Importance of Baby and Toddler Groups
Have you ever considered attending baby and toddler groups but wondered how it could benefit you and your child? Does the thought of attending a group both excite and terrify you at the same time? If so, then let us discuss some of the many benefits and reasons why they are so important.


Shopping For A New Arrival: Tips To Save On Essentials

Shopping For A New Arrival: Tips To Save On Essentials – It’s no secret that having a baby will impact your finances. From the moment you find out that you are pregnant, you may be thinking about what you need to buy and how you can tick everything off your shopping list without blowing the budg


Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment

Sleep is a skill that our little ones have to learn. Some babies find it easier than others to learn how to settle and resettle. We need to give them lots of opportunities to practice but we also want to help them along the way where and when we can. 


How to Avoid Nappy Rash

If not treated, a normal nappy rash can become infected. Bacterial nappy rash can be identified with broken skin, infected spots or pimples. Your baby is also likely to have a fever. 


Baby Dance Ballroom: Rhythm & Dreams Dancing Centre

Baby Ballroom: Rhythm & Dreams Dancing Centre
After the Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing and lockdown, we can all be forgiven for being anxious about getting out and about again- especially those of us with young children. But as Emine Saner wrote, in her March 2021 article for the Guardian, while the easy option might seem to be avoidance, it will not help long term. By avoiding social situations anxiety levels will rise, so we need to find a way to ease ourselves back in, and a great way to do this is by joining a group or class.


The Whys of Baby Classes

The Whys of Baby Classes
For the first few weeks of your baby’s life, you can rest assured that all they need is you! But as they get bigger, start to be awake for longer periods of time and develop a natural sense of curiosity about the world around them, baby classes and activities can form a really important part of their development.


In the swim – the benefits of swimming early with your baby

Your baby was totally immersed in fluid in the womb for nine months so it seems natural that they have an affinity with water.  Whether it is in the bath, at the pool or playing in a paddling pool, water holds a fascination for young children and it is one place where they can be free to enjoy their full range and scope of movement without being tied down by gravity.


Ways to Keep a Baby Cool in Summer

Ways to Keep a Baby Cool in Summer
With warmer weather finally here, it is natural for us all to want to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and keep our babies safe whilst doing it. That’s why MyBump2Baby is bringing you the article: Ways to Keep a Baby Cool In Summer.


When to Potty Train a Toddler

When to Potty Train a Toddler
If you are here, you are most likely wondering when to potty train a toddler, or perhaps whether or not your toddler is ready to start potty training right now.


12 Brilliant Garden Activities for Toddlers

11 Brilliant Garden activities for toddlers
With the hotter weather rolling in, it’s natural for families to want to spend more time outside. This blog is all about garden activities for toddlers.


4 Ways To Keep Your Newborn Healthy

4 Ways To Keep Your Newborn Healthy
Now, more than ever, it’s vital that we look after our little ones’ health. There can be an overwhelming number of things to keep in mind when trying to keep your child safe, but luckily there are a handful of small, easy tips you can keep in mind to help you best protect your child.


Mum and Baby classes in Kettering and beyond

Together as One offers a multitude of classes from birth right through to pre-school age. Its ethos is to unite families together in a non-judgemental, supportive, and holistic environment that goes beyond the studio.


Night Nanny? | Everything you need to know

Night Nanny? | Everything you need to know
Night Nannies was set up as the UK’s first nanny agency to provide full overnight care for newborn babies and children with sleep problems. It allows parents to enjoy a period of ten hours unbroken sleep.  Night Nannies offer advice in guiding children towards a better sleep routine. The agency also provides 24 hour maternity nurses and sleep trainers for babies over 6 months.


5 Smart Ways to Improve Your Child’s Communication Skills

5 Smart Ways to Improve Your Child’s Communication Skills
Communication skills are essential for both kids and adults; however, there is more to communication than just knowing how to talk. There is listening, writing, drawing, and interpreting both verbal and non-verbal signals. 


A Survival Guide For New Parents

Survival guide for new parents – For those new parents among us, living with a newborn can feel overwhelming. At some points, it might feel quite daunting and you could feel you are doing things wrong. But, don’t worry, every baby is different.


Imaginative Play Ideas for Kids

Imaginative play ideas for kids are important because although it has no rules it is an important factor in your child’s development of social skills and problem solving.
Imaginative play effectively puts your child in to someone else’s shoes as they pretend to be a different character, whether that’s taller or shorter, younger or older. It is also a form of cooperative play, as they learn how to take turns.


How Important are Bedtime Routines for Babies?

how important are bedtime routines for babies? Do we really need one? Do they actually help? Thankfully, MyBump2Baby is home to sleep consultants throughout the UK, many of which suggest that bedtime routines for babies really help them understand the difference between daytime and night time and starting routines for babies at bedtime early can help with sleeping in the future.


What do I need for Baby Weaning?

What do I need for Baby Weaning

A lot of parents struggle to know where to start with baby weaning. There’s a lot to consider such as which highchair to buy, deciding which food to start your baby on and deciding on the best way to serve them the food


10 Fun Free Things to do in Autumn with Toddlers

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love Autumn, I never used to. In the days before kids, I often wished that summer would last forever and I could slurp wine in the back garden every night…ok ok…I do still think that, but nowadays, there is something so comforting about cosy nights in listening to the wind whistling through the trees, wrapping up warm for long walks on crunchy leaves and putting the fire on with family movie – there are so many fun free things to do in Autumn with the toddlers.


How to Help your Kids to Get Better Sleep  

How to help your kids to get better sleep Sleep does many things. Mainly, it replenishes glycogen levels in the brain, so that when we wake up, we have the energy to power the thoughts that get us through another day (sort of like putting fuel in a car). Some animals, like dolphins, have evolved […]


SEO tips you need to know

Search engine optimisation has grown massively over the years. Many people think that it is a quick fix, but it’s not. Ensuring that your website is optimised correctly takes time, but the rewards are excellent.  SEO tips you need to know SEO refers to the ranking of your website on whichever search engine you choose […]


7 Reasons why Baby Casting is an absolute MUST

7 Reasons why baby casting is an absolute MUST

A baby cast involves mixing a mould together with safe ingredients and placing it around your baby’s hands and/or feet. After a short while, the mould will have set around your baby’s hands and/or feet and the mould will be removed carefully. 


Cerebral Palsy and Speech Therapy

Cerebral palsy is a neurological condition that affects motor development. The condition may be brought on by abnormal development in the womb, or via birth injuries linked to medical
negligence – see cerebral palsy lawyer Billings for more info.


When to Start Baby Weaning

when to start weaning The most common question I get asked about weaning is ‘when do I start weaning?’. Everyone seems happy to give you their opinion on the matter, your social network, family, medical professionals and even your own baby might have an opinion about it!! – all of which will probably be different.


How to Get Rid of The Dummy

How to Get Rid of The Dummy Love them or loathe them, Dummies have become a must have item in 53% of parents bag of tricks and if you are now finding yourself in the position of trying to negotiate the dummy away from your dummy lover, fear not – you are in good company!