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In the swim – the benefits of swimming early with your baby

Your baby was totally immersed in fluid in the womb for nine months so it seems natural that they have an affinity with water.  Whether it is in the bath, at the pool or playing in a paddling pool, water holds a fascination for young children and it is one place where they can be free to enjoy their full range and scope of movement without being tied down by gravity.


Ways to Keep a Baby Cool in Summer

Ways to Keep a Baby Cool in Summer
With warmer weather finally here, it is natural for us all to want to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and keep our babies safe whilst doing it. That’s why MyBump2Baby is bringing you the article: Ways to Keep a Baby Cool In Summer.


When to Potty Train a Toddler

When to Potty Train a Toddler
If you are here, you are most likely wondering when to potty train a toddler, or perhaps whether or not your toddler is ready to start potty training right now.


12 Brilliant Garden Activities for Toddlers

11 Brilliant Garden activities for toddlers
With the hotter weather rolling in, it’s natural for families to want to spend more time outside. This blog is all about garden activities for toddlers.


4 Ways To Keep Your Newborn Healthy

4 Ways To Keep Your Newborn Healthy
Now, more than ever, it’s vital that we look after our little ones’ health. There can be an overwhelming number of things to keep in mind when trying to keep your child safe, but luckily there are a handful of small, easy tips you can keep in mind to help you best protect your child.


Night Nanny? | Everything you need to know

Night Nanny? | Everything you need to know
Night Nannies was set up as the UK’s first nanny agency to provide full overnight care for newborn babies and children with sleep problems. It allows parents to enjoy a period of ten hours unbroken sleep.  Night Nannies offer advice in guiding children towards a better sleep routine. The agency also provides 24 hour maternity nurses and sleep trainers for babies over 6 months.


5 Smart Ways to Improve Your Child’s Communication Skills

5 Smart Ways to Improve Your Child’s Communication Skills
Communication skills are essential for both kids and adults; however, there is more to communication than just knowing how to talk. There is listening, writing, drawing, and interpreting both verbal and non-verbal signals. 


A Survival Guide For New Parents

Survival guide for new parents – For those new parents among us, living with a newborn can feel overwhelming. At some points, it might feel quite daunting and you could feel you are doing things wrong. But, don’t worry, every baby is different.


Imaginative Play Ideas for Kids

Imaginative play ideas for kids are important because although it has no rules it is an important factor in your child’s development of social skills and problem solving.
Imaginative play effectively puts your child in to someone else’s shoes as they pretend to be a different character, whether that’s taller or shorter, younger or older. It is also a form of cooperative play, as they learn how to take turns.


How Important are Bedtime Routines for Babies?

how important are bedtime routines for babies? Do we really need one? Do they actually help? Thankfully, MyBump2Baby is home to sleep consultants throughout the UK, many of which suggest that bedtime routines for babies really help them understand the difference between daytime and night time and starting routines for babies at bedtime early can help with sleeping in the future.


What do I need for Baby Weaning?

What do I need for Baby Weaning

A lot of parents struggle to know where to start with baby weaning. There’s a lot to consider such as which highchair to buy, deciding which food to start your baby on and deciding on the best way to serve them the food


10 Fun Free Things to do in Autumn with Toddlers

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love Autumn, I never used to. In the days before kids, I often wished that summer would last forever and I could slurp wine in the back garden every night…ok ok…I do still think that, but nowadays, there is something so comforting about cosy nights in listening to the wind whistling through the trees, wrapping up warm for long walks on crunchy leaves and putting the fire on with family movie – there are so many fun free things to do in Autumn with the toddlers.


How to Help your Kids to Get Better Sleep  

How to help your kids to get better sleep Sleep does many things. Mainly, it replenishes glycogen levels in the brain, so that when we wake up, we have the energy to power the thoughts that get us through another day (sort of like putting fuel in a car). Some animals, like dolphins, have evolved […]


SEO tips you need to know

Search engine optimisation has grown massively over the years. Many people think that it is a quick fix, but it’s not. Ensuring that your website is optimised correctly takes time, but the rewards are excellent.  SEO tips you need to know SEO refers to the ranking of your website on whichever search engine you choose […]


7 Reasons why Baby Casting is an absolute MUST

7 Reasons why baby casting is an absolute MUST

A baby cast involves mixing a mould together with safe ingredients and placing it around your baby’s hands and/or feet. After a short while, the mould will have set around your baby’s hands and/or feet and the mould will be removed carefully. 


Cerebral Palsy and Speech Therapy

Cerebral palsy is a neurological condition that affects motor development. The condition may be brought on by abnormal development in the womb, or via birth injuries linked to medical
negligence – see cerebral palsy lawyer Billings for more info.


When to Start Baby Weaning

when to start weaning The most common question I get asked about weaning is ‘when do I start weaning?’. Everyone seems happy to give you their opinion on the matter, your social network, family, medical professionals and even your own baby might have an opinion about it!! – all of which will probably be different.


The Challenge of Springing Forward – Little Sleep Stars

In the midst of the Corona-crisis, you could certainly be forgiven for having forgotten that the clocks change soon! That’s right…at 1am on Sunday 29 March, the time springs forward by an hour.

Traditionally, I have detailed three approaches to managing this shift, enabling parents to choose the one best-suited to their child’s age, stage and temperament. But, the unprecedented times in which we are living call for something a little different this year…


How to Stop My Toddler Spilling Juice? Our EZ-Sip Review

How to stop my toddler spilling juice? Our EZ-Sip Review

One of my greatest challenges I have come across on my parenting journey has to be finding a cup that the kids can both use.  We have tried everything from beakers to straw cups, and no matter what I have used, they always seem to find a way to spill their juice everywhere, they especially like spilling their juice on our new carpets and new sofa!  We found that using a normal beaker made snack times and meal times very… wet and very messy!!!  I have often Googled “How to Stop my toddler spilling juice?” but have never had much luck in finding anything that would help.


My Sleep Consultant Review

my sleep consultant review and journey Today we share a review from a member of our parent panel Kyleigh Gregson, due to sleep deprivation Kyleighs health suffered and work suffered and she reached breaking point. Kyleigh shares her honest review on The Sleep Sanctuary, her journey with Rachael Taylor from start to finish and the outcome and how it has changed her life.


Now What? 6 Steps to a Healthy Postpartum Recovery

Read on for 6 steps to a healthy postpartum recovery Does it feel like only yesterday you found out you were expecting? Or has your pregnancy dragged on for what feels like an eternity? Whatever your stance on the last 9-10 months might be, all new mums have one thing in common – the need for a healthy, postpartum recovery. This last stage of pregnancy is seldom talked about the discomfort, the pain and the mental adjustments to your new body.


The Importance of Tummy Time for Babies

The Importance of Tummy time for Babies Today we share a informative article on The Importance of Tummy Time from the fabulous franchise Baby College. If you would like to find out more about Baby College and if they run classes near you simply head to their website or check out our directory.Baby College classes are filled with lots of different activities and games that parents can play with their babies at home, however, we always stress the importance of tummy time for their baby’s all round neurological and physical development.


Why Does My Baby Need to Nap?

“Why does my baby need to nap?” Today we have a help article from our expert Lauren from Little Sleep Stars. Lauren offers a free 15 minute consultation service to help you with your childs sleep, you can book in with Lauren by clicking here. Today Lauren is sharing a fantastic article on a question many parents ask “Why does my baby need to nap?”


When Will My Toddler Stop Needing a Nappy at Night

When Will My Toddler Stop Needing a Nappy at Night Getting a child ‘potty trained’ during the day is relatively easy partially due to the child’s peer pressure and the fact the child thinks it’s quite a ‘grown up’ thing to do. So, coming out of nappies is somewhat of a doddle but the ‘follow on’ problem is slightly harder to resolve. The question is often asked, at “when will my toddler stop needing a nappy at night”


A Dads Honest Account of Shared Parental Leave

A dads honest account of parental leave in his own words.

In a few days’ time, I return to work after what will have been 11 weeks of Shared Parental Leave. Truth be told, at this stage, I expected to be quite excited about going back. I was teased before I left work in June that I was about to go through the hardest 3 months of my life. I believed it. Early thoughts of playing golf with my retired Dad every other day were well out of the window!

The First 8 Months

During the first 8 months of my son’s life, he had been a real Mummy’s boy. I didn’t need more than the fingers and thumbs on my hands to count the number of times he’d settled and fallen asleep on me. What was I going to do when he got over-tired and upset? How was I going to settle him without a magic boob to call upon? Did I really have to put him in the car and go for an hour’s drive every morning and afternoon, just to make sure he had his naps?


What are the Best Baby Sun Creams for Babies and Toddlers?

Perhaps you are jetting off abroad or maybe you are staying in the UK, wherever you are this Summer, it is important to remember to use sun cream on your little one’s skin whatever the weather. You would be surprised how strong the sun can be even on the gloomiest days. Did you know?  up […]


Why You Should Use a Family Photographer at Your Special Event

Today we have a superb article written by Rosie Dedman, an expert when it comes to photography. “Photos by Rose” is a bespoke, relaxed experience offers to parents and their young families. “Photos by Rose” has a 5 star listing in our directory and you can see more of her wonderful work on her website. Rosie is sharing her article on why you should use a family photographer at your special event


Find The Best Photographer for Your Newborn | Newborn Photographer Stevenage

Today we share an expert article from an incredibly talented newborn photographer based in Stevenage. Deana owns a fantastic newborn photography business called “Images of Life by Deana“.  Her outstanding reviews and stunning photography skills. You can have a look at Deana’s listing with us here. As expectant parents we have so many questions when […]


Naming Ceremonies | Lytham St Anne’s

At MyBump2Baby we are proud to have our expert article section to help parents gain more understanding on different topics that may be of interest. Today we have the lovely Jo from “Celebrate with Jo”. Jo offers non religious ceremonies in Lytham St Anne’s and the Lancashire area, you can find her listing with us by clicking here. Lots of parents love the idea of a christening but then feel they shouldn’t have one as they are not religious. Very few parents realise that there is an alternative optio


7 Benefits of Exercising with a New Baby

7 Benefits of exercising with a new baby There are many classes available that you can take your baby too, some are indoors and some outdoors. You may think exercise is the last thing you want to do at the minute but there are so many benefits of exercising with a new baby; Social Exercising […]


Swim into Summer

Where are you going on holiday this summer? Home or abroad, hotel or self-catering, chances are that it’ll involve water. Water Babies explains how to make sure summer splashing is fun and safe for everyone. Like a child to water There’s a reason Earth is known as the blue planet: water covers eighty percent of […]


If Only You Could Rent Baby Clothes | Baby Clothes Subscription Box 

“Have a baby “they said…. “it will be fun” they said… but they never said how many sleepless nights you have when you have a baby.Regardless of whether it is the numerous night feeds or the amount of thoughts on your mind when you are trying to balance everything that comes with being a parent, there is always a little bit of stress attached when it comes to running a household.We simply cannot deny the increase in outgoings when it comes to starting a family. The fact is, our babies are always growing which means clothing purchased that initially fits like a glove, regularly need to be replaced with new clothing.


How I Became a Baby Wearing Mummy | Kosie Carriers

With lots of childcare experience and being a qualified maternity nurse I knew exactly how I was going to parent. My baby was going to be well-balanced, content and in a routine although able to cope with change. . . Then I met my daughter. From the moment she was born I knew something wasn’t quite right. […]


Baby/Toddler Sustainable Bath Sponge – Koha Kids

Bath time in our house is George’s time to flick between becoming a super-hero Shark hunter saving lives by selflessly pulling screaming children from the depths of the ocean to Finding Nemo as he swims around the bath desperately searching for his parents. As with most things when you are a parent of a toddler, […]


The Importance of Going to Music Classes with your Baby

Music is a universal language that everyone loves and understands, but did you know that it is the only activity that can stimulate and activate every part of your baby’s brain? Contrary to common belief, every child is born musical and as parents all you have to do is nurture this innate ability.  In other […]


Strong to the core – At what age can a child swim properly?

At what age can a child swim properly? It’s a question we get asked a lot at Water Babies, and it’s all down to water confidence and core strength.
Firstly, it rather depends on what you mean by ‘swim properly’. Thanks to innate reflexes, babies can swim under the water from birth. But to be able to swim on the surface, lifting their head to take a breath, little ones need a degree of strength that comes with age.


Falling Back Without a Bump – The Autumn clock-change

How to help your little one sail through the Autumn clock-change  I used to love the Autumn clock-change – a whole extra hour in bed without having to sacrifice anything else in return…bliss! Like many parents, I am now accustomed to rising with my little lark and whilst 7am certainly isn’t inhumane, the prospect of […]


What do I Need for my Newborn?

what do I need for my newborn? to how can I possibly afford everything that comes with a newborn? It is hard to know the difference between NEED and want, especially when it is your first time so I have put together a list of different items that I personally bought and used and couldn’t have coped without.