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Family Awareness Days UK 2022 – Why you NEED to use them for your Business.

Awareness Days UK 2022 – Knowing what upcoming awareness days or even the awareness month is vital when it comes to thriving on social media, with clients, through blogs and supporting your clients. Our awareness day catalogue includes world/international awareness days, holidays but also uk based awareness days to help you support.


Finding Your Niche in Business

Finding Your Niche in Business – When we launch our businesses, often we want to appeal to everyone because we want as many customers as possible but this can be a huge mistake when it comes to marketing our business.


Mummy Business – 3 Things You NEED To Consider

mummy business -You are looking to launch your own mummy business, you may have a business idea already or you could have a million home business ideas floating around in your mind BUT before you decide on your business model, set your business up and start sharing it with people you know, you need to be sure that you choose the right business idea for you.


3 Careers for the Modern Mum

3 Careers for the Modern Mum – Being a mother can sometimes feel like a full-time job in itself. Many parents find that
remaining in, or returning to, work can help them to get some time away from their childcare
responsibilities, as well as to give them a meaningful career path.


4 Things You Need Before Running A Business From Home

4 Things You Need Before Running A Business From Home
Running a business from home is full of advantages – particularly for mothers. If you still have children to look after, it gives you an easy way of juggling your personal and professional lives. You can stay at home with the kids, yet run your business at the same time. Still, there are a few drawbacks that can surface if you’re not careful. To avoid them, here are a handful of things you desperately need:


5 of the Best ways to Advertise your Baby Business

5 of the Best ways to Advertise your Baby Business – Starting a business is an incredibly exciting time and once you are ready to launch, many of us stumble across the question, “where should I advertise my baby business?” We understand the pressures of advertising a business, especially when money is a little tight. If your target audience is parents you need to think about where parents are hanging out, where parents go to find services like yours and how you can reach them to shout about your amazing product.


8 Reasons you should work with Parent Bloggers

8 reasons you should work with parent bloggers – At MyBump2Baby, we are proud to be home to over 500 parent bloggers throughout the UK. We have a unique parent blogger and small business collaboration opportunties. Working with parent bloggers a fantastic way to grow your business and their are a number of reasons why you should consider working with them.


Work with Parent Bloggers with MyBump2Baby

At MyBump2Baby we feel honoured to have the ability to connect so many businesses together, whether it’s for advice, collaborations or just a friendly chat. We think collaborations are really important and they are such a powerful way to express messages to your followers. In a world where everything is now online working with parent bloggers can be such a powerful marketing tool without breaking the bank.MyBump2Baby works with parent bloggers and aims to get your brand seen by your ideal audience with our budget friendly review and parent blogger service. Contact us or read on to find more information about how we can catapult your brand.


Email Marketing for Businesses – 4 Reasons You Should Consider It

4 Reasons to Consider Email Marketing in 2020 Many businesses are missing a trick when it comes to marketing, more often than not businesses are are concentrating on SEO, Social media posts, blogs but they forget to utilise their mailing listing. I mean, think about it. People have given you their email address and they are interesting from hearing more about you because they are interested in your product, they have bought from you before, your business or even you as a person but yet we fail to connect with them.


Simple Time Management Tips for Busy Mums

Today’s blog is for all of you busy parents out there. Trying to manage your time when you have a little one, a job, a social life, and a partner can be very tough, trust us, we know. Today MyBump2Baby is hoping to improve your time management skills, and here’s hoping you’ll have some time […]


The Benefits of SEO for your Business

Search engine optimisation is so important for your business, it’s all about where your website ranks on the search engine results page. At the end of the day, you can have the most beautiful website anyone has ever seen but if your ideal client cannot find it when searching on well-known search engines then you […]