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Why Won’t My House Sell? 5 Common Reasons

Selling your house is no easy feat- and you definitely want to make sure that you will get a price that you are happy with. If you find that your house is not selling, it can be frustrating. This article, written by Kelly Bell- from Bell & Co Estates- our exclusive estate agency in Sheffield, covers 5 reasons why your house may not be selling, and how to rectify them.


What do I do if my child is referred to social services?

When a referral is made to social services, by a child’s school or doctor, for example, each Local Authority will have its own process for referrals being made. Within each Local Authority, Children’s Social Care (“social services”) should be the principle point of contact for dealing with referrals.


Parenting after Parting

This article will discuss the following issues relevant for couples who are separating and have a child or children together:-


Relocating with Children in the UK

If you would like to move to a different part of the UK with a child, all those that have parental responsibility should agree.

There is no legal requirement to acquire formal consent from the other parent where you are relocating within the UK. However, relocating without their consent is firmly cautioned against. The parent that is opposing the relocation may bring an application to prevent it. 


Parental Alienation – What Is It & What Causes It?

Parental Awareness – What Is It?
April 25th is Parental Alienation Awareness Day. With a rapid rise in cases of parental alienation in the UK, recent court judgements show that courts are not taking the matter lightly and are unafraid to take action against offenders.


What is a Child Arrangements Order?

What is a Child Arrangements Order?
A Child Arrangements Order is a Court Order which sets out with whom a child is to live with and with whom a child is to spend time with.

The Order remains legally binding until the child reaches the age of 16 unless the Order specifically states otherwise. The “live with” element remains legally binding until the child reaches the age of 18.


No Fault Divorce – ‘To Blame or not to Blame’

No Fault Divorce – ‘To Blame or not to Blame’
After centuries of stagnation, it was announced on 25 June 2020 that the law in relation to Divorce was being modernised. This modernisation was after years of deliberation where all divorces had to be one party’s fault (unless you rely on separation) and this subsequently gave rise to the ‘blame game’.


Getting Ready to Sell – What Home Improvements Can I Make to My Home Before I Sell?

Getting Ready to Sell – What Home Improvements Can I Make to My Home Before I Sell?
Are you planning or considering a move this Spring? If so and you’re not sure just where to begin, then I hope this month’s guide will be of use:

One of the most common questions I’m often asked as an Estate Agent is ‘what home improvements can I make to my home before I sell?’


Medical negligence claims: What you need to know

Medical negligence claims: What you need to know
If you’ve been let down by healthcare professionals responsible for your or a loved one’s wellbeing, a medical negligence claim could be your route to securing support and getting your life back on track.


Cerebral Palsy Claim: What You Need to Know

Cerebral Palsy Claim: What You Need to Know
During your pregnancy, there are a range of conditions, illnesses or disorders that you may become aware of. This can seem alarming and unsettling, however, the vast majority of pregnancies result in perfectly healthy births.


Non Molestation Order

Non Molestation Order
A non-molestation order is a special injunction that aims to prevent a partner or former partner from harming you or your children.


Mediation in Family Law Proceedings

Mediation in Family Law Proceedings
Mediation is the process by which families can negotiate the future arrangements with the help of a neutral third party. This can be done in respect of a divorce or it can relate to children.


Controlling or Coercive Behaviour in an Intimate Relationship

Often when individuals think of domestic abuse, they assume that it is physical, but this is not the case, and it can also be mental/emotional abuse. Coercive control is an act or a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish, or frighten their victim.


Finding The Right Mortgage For You

Finding The Right Mortgage For You
When you’re planning on buying your first home together, there’s a lot to consider – and of course one of the major things is sorting out your mortgage.


Are You In The Best Position To Offer On Your Next Property?

Are You In The Best Position To Offer On Your Next Property?
The wonderful people at ‘My Bump 2 Baby’ have asked me to write a monthly article relating to the local property market. As the owner of my own independent estate agents, with 22 years of experience behind me, I think of little else than buying, selling and renting property, so I was more than happy to oblige.


5 Things To Look Out For In A Medical Negligence Solicitor

5 Things to Look Out For In A Medical Negligence Solicitor
What can you look out for to ensure you’ve found the right solicitor to guide you through a medical negligence or birth injury claim, should you find yourself in such unfortunate circumstances? In this article, we’ll identify five key questions to help you decide.


How Can I Save A Deposit For A House?

How Can I Save A Deposit For A House?
In our second blog in the series aimed at new parents and growing families, we take a look at ways to raise the necessary money to pay the deposit on a home of your own.


Grandparents’ Rights

My Bump2Baby – Grandparents’ rights
At Myerson, we regularly get asked whether grandparents have legal rights to see their grandchildren.


What Should You Consider Before Buying A Home?

What Should You Consider Before Buying A Home?
Starting a family is an exciting time for you and your partner. There’s a lot to think about when planning for the future, perhaps one of those is buying a new home.


Amicable Separation

‘I am nervous about seeing a lawyer because we are very amicable and we are all agreed. We don’t want the lawyers to push us into doing something else’

This is a comment I hear regularly from potential clients making enquiries about an appointment with us. I always assure those people that our job is not to scupper their agreement. Your lawyer is there to provide advice and then once you have had time to consider that advice, the lawyer then proceeds with your instructions.


How to Agree on Christmas Contact Arrangements

How to Agree on Christmas Contact Arrangements
This article, all about “How to agree on Christmas contact arrangements,” was written by Stuart Chapman from Myerson Solicitors.

With Christmas approaching, you might be worried about sorting out the arrangements for the festive period and the time that your children will spend with you if you are separated or divorced.


5 Things To Do If You Feel You Have Had Poor Medical Care

5 Things To Do If You Feel You Have Had Poor Medical Care
The vast majority of medical care we receive occurs with no issue. However, if you feel as though the care you received could have, or should have, been better, then it can be difficult to know what to do. There are a number of options available to raise the issue(s) and ultimately, where possible, seek to rectify whatever has gone wrong. This article contains 5 things you should do if you feel you have had poor medical care.


What is Poor Maternity Care?

What is poor maternity care?

From the moment you see the blue line on a pregnancy test, through to holding your newborn baby in your arms, becoming a parent is a life-changing experience in every sense. For many of us, it is a moment we dream about, however when an experience doesn’t match up to our expectations, it can be extremely upsetting and disappointing. For some people, the care they receive throughout their pregnancy, labour or after birth can be wildly different to that of which they imagined. We can often feel helpless, however, if you or your baby have been left with injuries or if your outcome wasn’t one you planned for and if you suspect negligent care has had an impact then you may be eligible to seek birth injury compensation.


Is buying better than renting?

Buying versus renting – the facts

Is buying better than renting?
In the first of our series of advice blogs on buying a new home, we consider whether buying a property is better than renting for young and growing families. It’s one of the biggest decisions you have to make in your adult life – will you rent, or try to get onto the property ladder?


How to Move to a Bigger Family Home with Ease

How to Move to a Bigger Family Home with Ease
If you often struggle to find room for your child’s toys, squeeze past loved ones in the hallway, or are expecting another baby, it might be time to think about moving into a larger property.

Yet, there are many considerations to make, actions to perform, and time lengths to adhere to for a smooth move. Don’t put a foot wrong by learning how to move to a bigger family home with ease.


Unmarried Fathers’ Rights

In the UK, every child has a right to see both of their parents.  For couples that stay together, this is not a problem, but when parents split up, things can get a little more complicated. If both of the parents are married when the child is born, things are relatively simple but if they are not, the rules are different – as they can be between the mothers’ and fathers’ rights.
If you are an unmarried father who is looking to have contact to their child after a breakup, it is important that you know where you stand.


Attending Family Court


Family court is involved with cases that cover families and children. They can help to resolve family law disputes relating to divorce, adoption, and the arrangements for children.  If you need to go to a family court, this can be a daunting and emotional process, but it is an important one, and you need to attend and engage. Not only could there be consequences to not attending, but it also makes you look bad which could also go against you in the hearing.


Plan to make your family’s future secure

Financial planning for your family

There’s no denying it, children don’t come cheap, but by planning ahead and managing your cash flow, you can take some of the stress out of raising a family.
Plan to make your family’s future secure

The cost of raising a child (excluding housing, childcare and council tax) from birth to 18 is £71,611 for a couple, and £97,862 for a single parent or guardian, according to the Child Poverty Action Group.


Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

We all want security and stability within our lives. A lot of the time this is not achievable. However, one area where you can create security and stability is your marriage. Whether you are already married, about to get married or enter into a civil partnership; putting a nuptial agreement in place can help with logistics.


What is a power of attorney?

What is a power of attorney?
Sometimes we all need a helping hand. But what if a short-term fix isn’t the answer? What if you become unable to make good decisions about your life, health, money, property?

Andrew Guilfoyle, a solicitor at the Hampshire-based law firm, Barker Son & Isherwood, explains how a Power of Attorney could help protect you and the things you own.


We need a bigger house so how can we get a bigger mortgage?

Growing Family – Your Questions Answered

We need a bigger house so how can we get a bigger mortgage?
The romantic cottage for two or the one bed apartment may have suited you before children but as your family gets larger, so may your need for space – how can you make this happen and what are the options?


Maternity Leave Mortgages

Maternity Leave Mortgages
Whilst having a baby is an amazing experience- it can also be quite scary for working mums! You may be wondering, how will our finances be affected? What will they look like? Will we be able to manage money-wise?

Since your income will most likely be reduced whilst on maternity leave- especially if you are only receiving SMP (Statutory maternity pay)- you may be worried about passing lender’s affordability checks.


How to Prepare your Family to Move

How to Prepare your Family to Move – Moving the family to a new home can be difficult. There is so much adjusting to be done that it can seem a daunting task to make your kids feel comfortable having to start all over.


What is Income Protection?

What is Income Protection?
Income protection insurance is an important thing to consider if you are either a working individual, or a working member of a family.
MyBump2Baby are happy to bring you this article, written by Luke Stevens- director and protection advisor at- More Than Money.
This article will cover everything you need to know about Income Protection.


Is there such a thing as a family mortgage?

Is there such a thing as a family mortgage?
Getting on the housing ladder has never been so difficult – and for new parents or young growing families, getting help from family may be the only option. But if your parents don’t have the cash for a large deposit sitting in a savings account, how else can they help?


Divorce and Children – Everything You Need To Know

Divorcing your spouse when you have children can be a very difficult and emotional time. There is so much more to think about when there are young children to consider, you want to make sure you handle your divorce proceedings as best as you can as a parents divorce can be traumatic for children if it isn’t handled properly.


Children’s Critical Illness Cover

Children’s Critical Illness Insurance
Raising a child is one of the most rewarding and joyous things we can do in life. But, ask any parent and they’ll also agree it can be worrying, stressful and emotionally draining at times. No time is this truer than when your child is ill. 


How to Get a Divorce in the UK

How to get a divorce

Going through a divorce means that you and your partner have decided, for whatever reason, that you do not wish to be together anymore. It involves separating and terminating your marriage legally.


How Much Does a Divorce Cost in the UK?

is getting a divorce expensive? The truth is, no one can say how expensive getting a divorce is, because it depends on your personal situation as well as the divorce route that you choose to take. If you have children and property to deal with, this can play a huge role in increasing the price of your divorce. 


Divorcing with Kids – How to Tell Children About Divorce

how-do-you-tell-your-child-youre-getting-a-divorce Getting a divorce is a tough time for all of the family, one of the hardest parts is talking to your children about divorce. For a child, hearing that your parents are separating is really tough at any age, but there are ways that you can make the conversation a bit easier for everyone involved. 


The CRITICAL protection families seem to miss!

The CRITICAL protection families seem to miss!
You always hear people talk about mortgage protection, but that is only half the equation when it comes to protecting your home and family.

This is especially true if you have a dependant adult, someone who is disabled, or if you have young dependent children.


Top Tips To Save Money On New Baby Essentials

Little people have a lot of stuff. If you’re expecting, you may feel like there are endless lists of items to buy and you might be worried about covering the cost. Having a baby doesn’t come cheap but you don’t have to spend a fortune to make sure your new addition has everything it needs. In this guide, we’ll explore some simple ways to save on new baby essentials.