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Is Laser Safe For New Mums?

Motherhood is a challenging task as you have to go to the edge of a lot of trials, pain, joy, and more just to see your baby happily and healthily stepping onto this world to bring forth joy in your life, and your entire family.


Keep Calm and Smell Great by Laura Ripley

Disclosure: Some of the links within this article may contain affiliate links, meaning at no cost to you, we may get commission if you decide to make a purchase through one of the links within the article. We are living through some crazy times at the moment and if we can help just one person […]


Financial Advisor in Shipley – Jane Capper

At MyBump2Baby we are proud to work with financial advisers throughout the UK to raise awareness of the importance of good  financial advice. Jane Capper our Financial Advisor in Shipley shares a bit more about her and why you should consider contacting her if you would like financial advice in the Shipley area.   The […]


The Challenge of Springing Forward – Little Sleep Stars

In the midst of the Corona-crisis, you could certainly be forgiven for having forgotten that the clocks change soon! That’s right…at 1am on Sunday 29 March, the time springs forward by an hour.

Traditionally, I have detailed three approaches to managing this shift, enabling parents to choose the one best-suited to their child’s age, stage and temperament. But, the unprecedented times in which we are living call for something a little different this year…


Disabled Pregnancy Story

Disabled pregnancy story to help other parents in a similar situation.Coming off the PillSo my story began 6 and a half years ago, back before I became disabled, when my husband and I finally got married after 7+ years together. We decided to start trying for a baby and I came off the pill.


Financial Adviser for Families in Shipley, Ilkley & Skipton – Jane Capper

Financial Adviser for families in Shipley, Ilkley and Skipton – Jane Capper shares a bit more about what she does and how she can help you be the superhero for your family. At MyBump2Baby we are proud to work with financial advisers throughout the UK to raise awareness of the importance of good  financial advice. Jane Capper our Financial Advisor in Shipley shares a bit more about her and why you should consider contacting her if you would like financial advice in the Shipley area.


Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

Safe Exercise During PregnancyFirst of all, let’s just take a look at what’s happening to your body.Some really incredible things happen to your body during pregnancy. It has to adapt, not only to accommodate the baby growing inside you, but also has to prepare for the birth. So, we’re going to have a little look here at what your body has to cope with, and why, so that you can really understand the importance of exercising safely and adapting what you do as your pregnancy progresses.


10 Things to Consider When Choosing your Next Professional Photographer

10 things to consider when choosing your next professional photographer 

In this day and age, the photography industry is over saturated with photographers from all levels and specialities, from doing it as a hobby to offering a luxury, high end photography experience. This can make it quite daunting finding your next photographer. I just Googled ‘Northampton photographers’ and there are 170 results that came up!! That’s just insane as I’m sure some aren’t even on Google! So while sifting through all these photographers, what should you be looking for? What should you consider when choosing your next professional photographer?


How do I Keep My Child Cool in Hot Weather?

So it is that time of year and we are finally enjoying some well-deserved sunshine. Queue the usual summer comments “Not prepared for this weather are we?” “It’s too hot” and I can understand it. We aren’t used to the sun so when summer comes by we are often unprepared and promise ourselves that next […]


Deciding on the Perfect Rug

We have recently just moved house, well back in December to be a little more precise and the thought of decorating somewhere new filled me with such excitement, not so much the stripping of wallpaper, sanding walls and painting but more so the thought of accessorising the rooms with furniture and fabrics, pictures, pots and […]


So What is this Hypnobirthing All About Then??

So What is this Hypnobirthing All About Then?? Now, let’s get down to busting a few myths about hypnobirthing shall we, and explain what its really all about?Firstly, you don’t have to be a hippy, worship the moon, wear sandals, baggy clothes and listen to monks chanting (although what’s wrong with that? Personally I love a good Tibetan singing bowl).  Hypnobirthing, especially combined with Mindfulness can work wonders for preparing women and very importantly partners for childbirth. I want birth partners to also feel confident and view themselves as a well-equipped birthing coach.And I mean ANY birth, not just home birthing. Even if you are having a planned caesarean section the techniques learnt in a workshop will help enormously. Before, during and after childbirth, especially breastfeeding.


Let That Shit Go – 10 Tips to Help You Have a Positive Birth Experience

Let That Shit Go – 10 Tips to Help You Have a Positive Birth Experience I’m a hypnobirthing teacher and postnatal coach and my passion is empowering women to feel good in their choices, their bodies and their capacity to trust themselves and their intuition.The first time I talk to a new client, I ask her to describe her ideal birth. And I want her to be as detailed as possible. That’s what we are aiming for, during the pregnancy with all the relaxation, visualisation and meditation. We are working towards an ideal birth. Our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined. Therefore it makes sense that that’s what we focus on.Certainly a significant proportion of my teaching is concerned with understanding this principle; if we want a positive birth we need to release negative beliefs and limitations and replace them with and focus on positive ones. Simple. Or is it?


Healthy Diet as a Working Mum

Staying healthy, balanced and energised is every mum’s goal – for herself and for the family, but when you’re working as well as taking care of the children, time is of the essence. Getting children ready for the day, preparing breakfast and arranging your own day means that mornings are very hectic and time-constricted.


Top 5 Family Attractions In Surrey

Here in Surrey we have so many wonderful places to explore and lots of history to learn about and of course the River Thames. If you love history, being out and about, taking a stroll along the River Thames or if you are thrill seeker, Surrey has something for everyone of all ages. It is very hard for me to pick just 5 places in Surrey as there are so many, but I would like to share with you some of the best places my family and I have been to and have made amazing memories along the way.


5 Pram Friendly Walks in Lytham St Annes

We love to share information with parents in fun things to do in the local area including pregnancy to pre-school groups and classes in the local area of Lytham st Annes, but sometimes it is nice to get out for a pram friendly walk in Lytham. Today we share a guest post written by the […]


Find The Best Photographer for Your Newborn | Newborn Photographer Stevenage

Today we share an expert article from an incredibly talented newborn photographer based in Stevenage. Deana owns a fantastic newborn photography business called “Images of Life by Deana“.  Her outstanding reviews and stunning photography skills. You can have a look at Deana’s listing with us here. As expectant parents we have so many questions when […]


Things to do for Families in Wakefield

Perhaps you are visiting Wakefield for the day or maybe you live in Wakefield. but either way if you have found this blog post and you are interested in looking for things to do with your family in Wakefield you have come to the right place. First of all, we have some fantastic pregnancy – […]


Fun Things for Families to do in Nottingham

As you know we have our pregnancy – pre-school directory where we display local businesses that may interest you and your growing family. To find out what is classes and businesses we have on in Nottingham please click here.We are thrilled to share a guest post from the lovely Lydia who blogs over at Eyes of a Mum. Lydia shares a list of fun things for families to do in Nottingham.


Naming Ceremonies | Lytham St Anne’s

At MyBump2Baby we are proud to have our expert article section to help parents gain more understanding on different topics that may be of interest. Today we have the lovely Jo from “Celebrate with Jo”. Jo offers non religious ceremonies in Lytham St Anne’s and the Lancashire area, you can find her listing with us by clicking here. Lots of parents love the idea of a christening but then feel they shouldn’t have one as they are not religious. Very few parents realise that there is an alternative optio


7 Benefits of Exercising with a New Baby

7 Benefits of exercising with a new baby There are many classes available that you can take your baby too, some are indoors and some outdoors. You may think exercise is the last thing you want to do at the minute but there are so many benefits of exercising with a new baby; Social Exercising […]


5 Fun Things for Families to do in Preston

As you know, we are MyBump2Baby – A pregnancy – preschool directory and we love helping local families find fun things to do in Preston. If you would like to find local pregnancy – preschool groups, classes and businesses we have our local Preston family directory you can access by clicking here. You can also find a list of days out in Lancashire on our website by clicking here.Today we are excited to share our guest post from the awesome Jennii, who also happens to be one of our favourite bloggers. Her blog is Chilling with Lucas. Jennii shares her top 5 things to do in Preston for Families.Things for Families to do in Preston for Families;Brockholes Nature Reserve, PrestonBrockholes is set on the site of an old quarry which is now a 250 acre reserve with a network of trails and hides. You can also explore the woods or enjoy the lakes on site, which have all been specially designed to attract all kinds of wildlife. They have also catered for all ages with their play parks including a climbing forest, a miniature gravel quarry for scooping, digging and transporting fun, a bouncing flower, play hut, swings, balance blocks, chain path, see-saw and zip wire! Entrance is free but you do have to pay for parking. There is a visitor centre with an ice cream parlour, cafe and shop… read more here.


Things to do in London as a Family

We have lived in South West London for the past 10 years (I have actually been here all my life) and we love it especially now as it is great area to be in as a family.  People always think of London and see crowded spaces and loads of buildings, but our little corner of the city is a lot about being outdoors and large open spaces.


Top 5 Attractions in West Lancashire

Top 5 Attractions in West Lancashire Welcome to West Lancashire, an historic borough with so many family friendly attractions, you could spend months here and not get bored. Whether you’re a wildlife lover, a historic building aficionado or just a lover of being outdoors, West Lancashire has got something for the whole family. It was hard to narrow it down the top 5 attractions in West Lancashire, but these 5 family days out are definitely some of the best!


How I Became a Baby Wearing Mummy | Kosie Carriers

With lots of childcare experience and being a qualified maternity nurse I knew exactly how I was going to parent. My baby was going to be well-balanced, content and in a routine although able to cope with change. . . Then I met my daughter. From the moment she was born I knew something wasn’t quite right. […]


Mess Free Interiors (baby-and-toddler-proof your home)

If you’re planning on making some ‘baby-safe’ updates to your interiors, you’ll have no doubt read-up on how to make your home as child friendly as possible. The internet is awash with all the typical advice. Choose soft furnishings. Make sure all cables are tied and tidy. Dispose of any choking hazards such as potpourri […]


7 Tips to Help you Sleep Better Every Night

We all look forward to a good nights sleep, but for many of us, it’s just unattainable. Whether you have small children who just won’t give in, a 1, 3 and 5am wakeup call from your new born or you spend all night tossing and turning while your partner snores away, falling asleep is one […]


Getting Ready for a Baby

Having a baby, especially your first, is an incredibly exciting time. There are also a few worries in the mix of emotions, too, though. Chief among these concerns is whether the baby is going to be alright, followed by how you’re going to afford it! Some surveys have found that new parents spend up to […]


What You Need to Know About Fuel Poverty

While most of us find something about autumn and winter that we love – golden leaves, silver frost – for some the colder months present terrible stress because they can’t afford to heat their homes properly. Not being able to provide adequate heat is worrying because a cold home can lead to health problems or […]