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Common Health Issues During Pregnancy And How To Fix Them

Common Health Issues During Pregnancy And How To Fix Them
Being pregnant is one of the best times of your life. It’s exciting, there is a lot to look forward to, and at the end of it you get this tiny little bundle in your arms that loves you more than anything in the world. This is a fantastic feeling, but for some women, getting through pregnancy can be tough. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the common health issues that you can face during pregnancy and how you can fix them. Keep reading down below if you would like to find out more.


1DPO Pregnancy Symptoms

1DPO Pregnancy Symptoms
If you are trying to conceive, and you are at 1DPO, the end of the two-week wait until you can finally receive accurate pregnancy test results can feel like an eternity away.

1DPO Early Pregnancy Symptoms

At 1DPO, most women will not be experiencing any pregnancy symptoms, but it is possible. Whilst you are trying to conceive, it is quite common to symptom-spot to try and figure out if you could be pregnant.

Whilst the below are common pregnancy symptoms, they could also be signs of your regular, impending period.


11DPO Pregnancy Symptoms

11DPO Pregnancy Symptoms
Welcome to 11 days past ovulation.

At 11 DPO, if you are trying to conceive, the wait to find out if you are pregnant can feel like an eternity.

This article covers all of the pregnancy symptoms you may experience at 11 DPO, as well as when the right time to take a test is.


6DPO Pregnancy Symptoms

6DPO Pregnancy Symptoms
If you are trying to conceive, the wait to take a pregnancy test can feel like an eternity.

Whilst 6DPO (or 6 days past ovulation) is still too early to take a pregnancy test, some people do start showing pregnancy symptoms as early as 6 DPO.


Brown Discharge at 7 Weeks Pregnant

Brown Discharge at 7 Weeks Pregnant
What does brown discharge at pregnancy week 7 mean?

Brown discharge typically means that there is blood within your discharge. Brown blood is old blood that has been in the uterus for a while.


What is a MAT B1 Form

what-is-a-mat-b1-form A MAT B1 form- or a maternity certificate- is a form you need to claim for maternity pay and benefits.


What Are The Fun Aspects of Being Pregnant?

What Are The Fun Aspects of Being Pregnant?
No one said it was going to be easy; no one said it was going to be this hard. That seems to accurately sum up the pregnancy and motherhood experience, doesn’t it? And this shouldn’t come as too big a surprise — it is, after all, perhaps the biggest thing that you’ll do in your life. Still, while there is, of course, an element of seriousness here, it doesn’t mean that it has to be serious all the time. Not at all! In fact, there are many fun aspects of being pregnant, or at least there can be if you make it happen. In this blog, we’re going to look at just some of the fun elements of being pregnant that you may have overlooked — who knows, the thought of these might just help you to get through those bouts of morning sickness!


What is the Ramzi Method?

What is the ramzi theory?
Finding out your baby’s sex is an exciting time, from the moment you find out you are pregnant you picture yourself with your baby but everything seems to get a little more real when you can visualise yourself with a baby boy or baby girl.


8 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms – What is Happening to Mother and Baby?

So what is happening at 8 weeks pregnant? Are the symptoms you’re experiencing normal? Today we’ll discuss what to expect from 8 weeks pregnant and everything mother and baby experience during this time. This pregnancy week is also the second month of your pregnancy which means you only have seven months to go. The first […]


4 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Most women don’t know that they are pregnant at this stage, so you are one of the lucky few who do!

How many weeks pregnant isn’t measured from the date of conception, but rather the date of your last period (menstrual cycle). So, if you conceived your baby 2 weeks ago, and your last period was 4 weeks ago, you are 4 weeks pregnant and you are officially in the first trimester of pregnancy.


5 weeks Pregnant Miscarriage

A miscarriage is defined as “the loss of a pregnancy during the first 23 weeks”. Somewhere between 8 and 20 percent of pregancies end in miscarriage. Most miscarriages happen before the 12th week of pregnancy, or during your first trimester.


4 Weeks Pregnant Cramping

Congratulations! If you know you are pregnant, you have found out about your pregnancy much earlier than most women do. If you have received a positive pregnancy test at 4 weeks pregnant, it means that you have taken a pregnancy test just after your missed period.

Since you are here, you are most likely wondering why you are experiencing cramping at 4 weeks pregnant. Cramping at this stage of your pregnancy is usually nothing to worry about. Read on to find out more.


7 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

7 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms
Congratulations; you are now 7 weeks pregnant and over half way into your first trimester. By now, you are most likely being affected by the symptoms of pregnancy- but it’s not much longer to go until the second trimester, when your symptoms should ease off!

If you’re here, you’re most likely wondering about 7 weeks pregnant symptoms. This article will cover the 7 weeks pregnant symptoms and more.


Adorable Ideas To Welcome Your Newborn | MyBump2Baby

Adorable Ideas To Welcome Your Newborn
The baby will finally be coming home for the first time, and you want to make this occasion memorable. Besides, you want to share and express your joy with your loved ones. There are many adorable ideas to make the day special and express your happiness when welcoming the newborn home. They include;


What is happening to me and my baby at 6 weeks pregnant?

You may have just found out you are expecting, if so – congratulations!!!! Perhaps you have been pregnant before and sailed through the first trimester, or maybe it’s your first pregnancy and you have no idea what to expect. You may be asking yourself the questions “what is happening to me and my baby at […]


Can I Feel my Baby Moving at 11 Weeks Pregnant?

Can I Feel my Baby Moving at 11 Weeks Pregnant?

At 11 weeks pregnant, the end of the first trimester is just around the corner! During the second trimester, many mums regain their energy and start feeling much better

If you are here, you are most likely wondering: Can I feel my baby move at 11 weeks pregnant?


Yoga During Pregnancy

Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links which means at no cost to you we may earn a small commission if a product is purchased through our link. MyBump2Baby is the UK’s leading pregnancy to pre-school directory where you can find local baby, toddler and pregnancy businesses. Today we have an article from Toni  from […]


Tips for Managing Grief While Pregnant

Tips for Managing Grief While Pregnant

When you suffer a loss while you are pregnant, it can be a struggle to manage your emotions while trying to not cause too much distress to your baby. While the actions you take, and items you ingest, can have an effect on your pregnancy, your mental state and mood can also play a part in the safety of your unborn child. Finding ways to manage your grief, and still work through any thoughts or emotions, can protect your baby while still allowing you to acknowledge the loss within your life.


Should You Wash Newborn Clothing?

Should You Wash Newborn Clothing?
When you find out you are expecting your first child, it is an experience you want to cherish and savour. However, there is no denying that the new world of parenthood you will be introduced to can be overwhelming. If there is one true thing, it’s that everyone has an opinion on pregnancy and motherhood.


6 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Pregnancy Week 6 symptoms Pregnancy week 6 could see your symptoms increase as your body is supporting your baby’s development.


Brown Spotting at 5/6 Weeks Pregnant

Brown Spotting 5 Weeks Pregnant
Brown spotting at 5 weeks pregnant is a surprisingly common occurrence for many mums-to-be. Early pregnancy can be a very anxious time for pregnant women, especially for those experiencing brown discharge and/or vaginal bleeding.


4 Weeks Pregnant No Symptoms

4 Weeks Pregnant No Symptoms At 4 weeks pregnant your little embryo may have just implanted and that is when you begin producing the HCG hormone, HCG is the pregnancy hormone and rises as your pregnancy progresses until around 10-12 weeks then it plateaus after the first trimester,


Gender Reveal Ideas You Will Love

Gender Reveal Ideas You’ll Love | MyBump2Baby
The day you learn your baby’s gender is a very exciting one! MyBump2Baby bring you this article containing Gender Reveal Ideas You’ll Love.


4 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

4 Weeks Pregnant – What is Happening?
Congratulations on your new pregnancy! At 4 weeks pregnant, you have found out that you’re pregnant much sooner than most women do.

Your baby/embryo at 4 weeks pregnant


4 Ways To Mentally Prepare For The Birth Of Your Baby

4 Ways To Mentally Prepare For The Birth Of Your Baby
The day you learned that you were going to be a parent was likely the best day of your life. There have been plenty of positives so far, be nothing can really top that. There will have been a few ups and downs along the way, but the overall feeling is one of love and happiness. The chances are that you’ve felt pretty shaky and nervous over the past few months, and that’s totally fine. Every single parent-to-be questions themselves and wonders if they’ll be able to handle this kind of job.


Can Sex Bring on Labour? | And other Ways to Naturally Induce Labour

Can Sex Bring on Labour? | And other Ways to Naturally Induce Labour
If you’re nearing your due date- or perhaps you’ve passed it- then you’re probably looking for ways to naturally induce labour. You’re most likely wondering: Will sex help to nudge my baby along it’s way to entering the world? Is sexual intercourse safe during late pregnancy? Read on to find out.
Does sexual intercourse induce labour?


How To Support A Pregnant Friend – Virtually

How To Support A Pregnant Friend – Virtually
Pregnancy is a very special and unique time for any parent-to-be. However, despite all the excitement, pregnancy can also be filled with anxiety in discomfort in lots of expected and unexpected different ways, especially for first-time Mums. Pregnancy can be tough as well as happy, thanks to body changes, hormonal fluctuations, dropping energy levels, and nerves about a new baby. 


Top 1280 Baby Girl Names in 2021

Baby Girl Names 2021
Finding the perfect name for your daughter can seem like an impossible task, after all, it’s the name that your little bundle of joy shall be called by everybody for the rest of their life. This page is perfect for those undecided parents out there who are struggling to find the name that’s the perfect match for their little one.

Here are MyBump2Baby’s top 1287 baby girl names.


Virtual Baby Shower – 9 Hilarious Games to keep your Baby Shower guests entertained!

Virtual Baby Shower – 9 Fun Games to keep your party guests entertained!
And other virtual baby shower ideas!
With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, and social distancing measures being enforced, we are operating as a society online now more than ever. Baby showers are a time that many parents-to-be look forward to, and whilst we may not be able to celebrate this joyous occasion in person, we can still celebrate it virtually (via video chat on apps like Zoom) and enjoy the presence of our family and friends.


Tokophobia-Fear of Childbirth

tokophobia-fear-of-childbirth Tokophobia is a pathological dread and avoidance of childbirth. It is a distressing condition which can often be overlooked by medical professionals. As well as specific phobia and anxiety disorders, tokophobia may be associated with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Are Baby Hiccups in the Womb Normal?

Baby hiccups in the womb

Baby hiccups in pregnancy is very common and a question and is often asked by expectant mothers however as with most things during pregnancy there are things to be aware of to ensure that the baby hiccups in the wombaren’t a sign of a bigger problem.


Decorating a Small Nursery on a Budget

decorating a small nursery on a budget. We’ve all been there, scrolling down Pinterest for numerous hours a day, you’ve seen loads of amazing ideas for your baby’s nursery. You’ve searched everything that has caught your eye and you’ve got a total figure, only…your bank account doesn’t agree.


6 of Netflix’s “Must Sees” for Pregnant Mums

6 of netflix must sees for pregnant mums – We know how rare a movie night can be in a house with children, so you need to make the most out of the time. Taking time out of your schedule is really important, it allows you to relax and can give you some quality time with your significant other. We’ve compiled this list of 6 of Netflix’s “Must Sees” for pregnant mums, so that you don’t have to waste any more time scrolling through Netflix. 


Is Laser Safe For New Mums?

Motherhood is a challenging task as you have to go to the edge of a lot of trials, pain, joy, and more just to see your baby happily and healthily stepping onto this world to bring forth joy in your life, and your entire family.


Vitamins You Should Take During Pregnancy

Vitamins You Should Take During Pregnancy

For a woman, motherhood cements her legacy as an individual capable of nurturing a person to live. Every woman reacts differently when a pregnancy is detected. Some are anxious, doubtful, and clueless. But, all of them (like you) rejoice to have a miracle in their lives.


The Benefits of Antenatal Classes

The benefits of antenatal classes, The benefits of antenatal classes are massive. This blog tells you all you need to know about what antenatal classes are and why you should attend one. Don’t forget that you can use our directory to find your local Antenatal classes as well as many other pregnancy services.


The Best Courses for Expectant Parents

courses-for-expectant-parents Minefield, Insane, Crazy, Scary – these are just some of the words expectant parents use to describe this new chapter in their life.Let’s face it, from the moment we see two lines on that pregnancy stick, our world as we know it changes. We no longer just think about ourselves and at this point… family life begins!!! Many parents admit “googling” literally everything when it comes to childbirth and keeping calm. And lets be honest the unknown is scary!!


Three Top Tips for Your First Trimester from The Birthing Coach Bournemouth

 I’ve lost count of the number of times that my pregnant colleagues or clients have noted how tired or sick they are feeling in the first trimester and each time I hear them; I remember it well!

If you’re currently pregnant, I’m sure you remember that moment when it suddenly dawned on you that you might be pregnant. Maybe you missed your period or maybe, like me, you noticed a few tell tale signs that got you thinking


Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

Safe Exercise During PregnancyFirst of all, let’s just take a look at what’s happening to your body.Some really incredible things happen to your body during pregnancy. It has to adapt, not only to accommodate the baby growing inside you, but also has to prepare for the birth. So, we’re going to have a little look here at what your body has to cope with, and why, so that you can really understand the importance of exercising safely and adapting what you do as your pregnancy progresses.


Benefits of Having a Private Midwife

benefits of having a private midwife – benefits-of-having-a-private-midwife In the UK, there are two types of practising midwives – NHS midwives and private midwives, also known as independent midwives. Independent midwives are effectively self-employed but remain under the same regulatory body as NHS midwives – which is the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). In addition to this, it is a requirement for independent midwives to hold ‘professional indemnity insurance’; legal cover for any practice they undertake as a midwife.


What are the Benefits of a ‘Natural’ Birth?

what are the benefits of a natural birth? Before delving into the benefits of ‘natural’ birth, I would like to dissect this commonly-used phrase. To some, the term ‘natural birth’ may hold different definitions. Many expectant and new mothers might deem a birth ‘natural’ if no pain relief or medical intervention was required during labour and delivery.

However, health professionals like myself and institutions including the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) and the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) use the term “normal” birth and define this as giving birth vaginally – following spontaneous onset of labour – without the aid of medical intervention or anaesthesia.  Here, the term ‘medical intervention’ would include inductions of labour (using prostaglandins, oxytocin drips or artificial rupture of membranes), epidural analgesia and/or assisted instrumental delivery.


So What is this Hypnobirthing All About Then??

So What is this Hypnobirthing All About Then?? Now, let’s get down to busting a few myths about hypnobirthing shall we, and explain what its really all about?Firstly, you don’t have to be a hippy, worship the moon, wear sandals, baggy clothes and listen to monks chanting (although what’s wrong with that? Personally I love a good Tibetan singing bowl).  Hypnobirthing, especially combined with Mindfulness can work wonders for preparing women and very importantly partners for childbirth. I want birth partners to also feel confident and view themselves as a well-equipped birthing coach.And I mean ANY birth, not just home birthing. Even if you are having a planned caesarean section the techniques learnt in a workshop will help enormously. Before, during and after childbirth, especially breastfeeding.


Let That Shit Go – 10 Tips to Help You Have a Positive Birth Experience

Let That Shit Go – 10 Tips to Help You Have a Positive Birth Experience I’m a hypnobirthing teacher and postnatal coach and my passion is empowering women to feel good in their choices, their bodies and their capacity to trust themselves and their intuition.The first time I talk to a new client, I ask her to describe her ideal birth. And I want her to be as detailed as possible. That’s what we are aiming for, during the pregnancy with all the relaxation, visualisation and meditation. We are working towards an ideal birth. Our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined. Therefore it makes sense that that’s what we focus on.Certainly a significant proportion of my teaching is concerned with understanding this principle; if we want a positive birth we need to release negative beliefs and limitations and replace them with and focus on positive ones. Simple. Or is it?