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Help your Little one Breeze Through the Autumn Clock Change

Autumn Clock Change for Toddlers

Today we have an expert post from  child sleep expert Lauren Peacock from Little Sleep Stars.   Today Lauren shares tips on how to help with the Autumn clock change with MyBump2Baby

The Benefits of having a Doula

the benefits of having a doula

The Benefits of having a Doula – A Doula is someone (usually a woman) who is a trained professional providing emotional, physical and educational support to women and birthing people before, during and after the birth of their baby.

Cerebral Palsy and Speech Therapy

Your Ultimate Guide to Paternity Leave in the UK

Cerebral palsy is a neurological condition that affects motor development. The condition may be brought on by abnormal development in the womb, or via birth injuries linked to medical
negligence – see cerebral palsy lawyer Billings for more info.

5 Ways to Keep Fit on a Busy Schedule

keep fit

5 ways to keep fit on a busy schedule and it’s brought to you by the fabulous Move with Mumma, enjoy!

When to Start Baby Weaning

baby weaning and when to start

when to start weaning The most common question I get asked about weaning is ‘when do I start weaning?’. Everyone seems happy to give you their opinion on the matter, your social network, family, medical professionals and even your own baby might have an opinion about it!! – all of which will probably be different.

How to Get Rid of The Dummy

How to Get Rid of The Dummy Love them or loathe them, Dummies have become a must have item in 53% of parents bag of tricks and if you are now finding yourself in the position of trying to negotiate the dummy away from your dummy lover, fear not – you are in good company!

7 Reasons Every Mum Needs Zumba in their Life


7 Reasons Every Mum Needs Zumba in their Life. Dancing and shimmying in Zumba not only helps you to burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health (stronger heart) but it has so many mental health benefits too!

How does a prenup agreement work? | Family Law Solicitors Sleaford

how does a prenuptual agreement work family law solcitors sleaford

How does a prenup agreement work? Family Law Solcitors Sleaford At MyBump2Baby, we are proud to connect parents with family law solicitors throughout the UK. Today we share an expert article

Domestic Abuse Cases during Lockdown | Family Law Solicitors Manchester


Domestic-Abuse-Cases-during-Lockdown-Family-Law-Solicitors-Manchester. This article is about the increase in domestic abuse cases during lockdown. If you are struggling with Domestic abuse and want to seek legal advice in Manchester contact Aramas Law.

My Surrogate Birth Story by Brenda Porter

At MyBump2Baby we feel it is important to share real-life stories to raise awareness and support other people going through similar experiences. Today Brenda Porter from Brenda Porter Sleep shares her positive Surrogate Birth Story.

The Perfect Self Care Skincare Tips and Routines by beauty expert Rebecca Garland

At MyBump2Baby we love to share articles on self care to support positivity in mums. Today beauty expert Rebecca Garland from There you Glow shares the perfect skincare tips and routines.

Reena Heavenly Bakes Vanilla Cupcakes – A Cake Maker in Finchley Central North London

Disclosure: Some of the links within this article may contain affiliate links, meaning at no cost to you, we may get commission if you decide to make a purchase through one of the links within the article. Today we have a special guest recipe from a Reena Heavenly Bakes, a Cake Maker in Finchley Central, […]

The Do’s and Dont’s of Postnatal Exercise


the-dos-donts-of-postnatal-exercise Today we share an expert article on the “Dos & don’ts of postnatal exercise” written Louise Wilkisonson, the founder of the franchise Créche Fit.

The Challenge of Springing Forward – Little Sleep Stars

In the midst of the Corona-crisis, you could certainly be forgiven for having forgotten that the clocks change soon! That’s right…at 1am on Sunday 29 March, the time springs forward by an hour.

Traditionally, I have detailed three approaches to managing this shift, enabling parents to choose the one best-suited to their child’s age, stage and temperament. But, the unprecedented times in which we are living call for something a little different this year…

The Importance of Tummy Time for Babies

the impportance of tummy time

The Importance of Tummy time for Babies Today we share a informative article on The Importance of Tummy Time from the fabulous franchise Baby College. If you would like to find out more about Baby College and if they run classes near you simply head to their website or check out our directory.Baby College classes are filled with lots of different activities and games that parents can play with their babies at home, however, we always stress the importance of tummy time for their baby’s all round neurological and physical development.

Why Does My Baby Need to Nap?

Why Does My Baby Need to Nap?

“Why does my baby need to nap?” Today we have a help article from our expert Lauren from Little Sleep Stars. Lauren offers a free 15 minute consultation service to help you with your childs sleep, you can book in with Lauren by clicking here. Today Lauren is sharing a fantastic article on a question many parents ask “Why does my baby need to nap?”

Fun Class for Toddlers in Blackpool and the Fylde – Our Tumble Tots Review

At MyBump2Baby Lancashire,  we are always on the lookout for fun classes for toddlers in the Blackpool and Fylde area. Today we are really excited to be sharing our review on the fabulous Tumble Tots.  Who hasn’t heard of Tumble Tots? If you haven’t get out of the room… No, but seriously, if you haven’t […]

When Will My Toddler Stop Needing a Nappy at Night

When Will My Toddler Stop Needing a Nappy at Night

When Will My Toddler Stop Needing a Nappy at Night Getting a child ‘potty trained’ during the day is relatively easy partially due to the child’s peer pressure and the fact the child thinks it’s quite a ‘grown up’ thing to do. So, coming out of nappies is somewhat of a doddle but the ‘follow on’ problem is slightly harder to resolve. The question is often asked, at “when will my toddler stop needing a nappy at night”

Leaky Plumbing? The Truth about the Pelvic Floor By Sarah Hunter BSc

The Truth about pelvic floor

Today expert Sarah Hunter from Chorley Pilates shares her article “The Truth about the Pelvic Floor” following her live discussion on our Facebook page. Click here to watch the video.

What is Play Therapy and how does it work? A guest blog by Nicki Malcolm

If you have ever wondered “What is play therapy” or “how does it work?” this guest blog, written by Play Therapist, Nicki Malcolm explains it all…. Play and Creative Arts Therapy is a powerful intervention where individuals (all age ranges) use sand and symbols/miniatures or other creative forms to makes sense of their inner world. […]

Three Top Tips for Your First Trimester from The Birthing Coach Bournemouth

Three top tips for your first trimester birthing coach bournemouth

 I’ve lost count of the number of times that my pregnant colleagues or clients have noted how tired or sick they are feeling in the first trimester and each time I hear them; I remember it well!

If you’re currently pregnant, I’m sure you remember that moment when it suddenly dawned on you that you might be pregnant. Maybe you missed your period or maybe, like me, you noticed a few tell tale signs that got you thinking

Beckie’s Story – Why I Love Working for Mini First Aid

mini first aid

Why I love working for Mini First Aid – At Mini First Aid, we have a team of 60 fantastic franchisees across the UK who train around 1000 parents every week in life-saving first aid skills. We spoke to Beckie who runs Mini First Aid Wrexham, Flintshire and Chester about why she joined and what she loves about her job.

The Best Halloween Decor Items for Families

the best halloween decor for families

Today we have a article from the talented Alice Molloy who owns Alice Molloy Interiors, if you love home decor you should definately head over to her blog. Alice shares her opinion on the best Halloween decor items for families.

First of all, I wanted to introduce myself – I am Alice from Alice Molloy Interiors and this is a very quick blog with some of the best Halloween Decor items for families I have seen around recently to give your home that extra spooky feeling for the kiddies, while keeping it sophisticated at the same time (it can be a tricky task!)

Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

Safe Exercise During PregnancyFirst of all, let’s just take a look at what’s happening to your body.Some really incredible things happen to your body during pregnancy. It has to adapt, not only to accommodate the baby growing inside you, but also has to prepare for the birth. So, we’re going to have a little look here at what your body has to cope with, and why, so that you can really understand the importance of exercising safely and adapting what you do as your pregnancy progresses.

10 Things to Consider When Choosing your Next Professional Photographer

10 things to consider when choosing your next professional photographer

10 things to consider when choosing your next professional photographer 

In this day and age, the photography industry is over saturated with photographers from all levels and specialities, from doing it as a hobby to offering a luxury, high end photography experience. This can make it quite daunting finding your next photographer. I just Googled ‘Northampton photographers’ and there are 170 results that came up!! That’s just insane as I’m sure some aren’t even on Google! So while sifting through all these photographers, what should you be looking for? What should you consider when choosing your next professional photographer?

So What is this Hypnobirthing All About Then??

so what is hypnobirthing all about then

So What is this Hypnobirthing All About Then?? Now, let’s get down to busting a few myths about hypnobirthing shall we, and explain what its really all about?Firstly, you don’t have to be a hippy, worship the moon, wear sandals, baggy clothes and listen to monks chanting (although what’s wrong with that? Personally I love a good Tibetan singing bowl).  Hypnobirthing, especially combined with Mindfulness can work wonders for preparing women and very importantly partners for childbirth. I want birth partners to also feel confident and view themselves as a well-equipped birthing coach.And I mean ANY birth, not just home birthing. Even if you are having a planned caesarean section the techniques learnt in a workshop will help enormously. Before, during and after childbirth, especially breastfeeding.

Let That Shit Go – 10 Tips to Help You Have a Positive Birth Experience

Let That Shit Go - 10 Tips to Help You Have a Positive Birth Experience

Let That Shit Go – 10 Tips to Help You Have a Positive Birth Experience I’m a hypnobirthing teacher and postnatal coach and my passion is empowering women to feel good in their choices, their bodies and their capacity to trust themselves and their intuition.The first time I talk to a new client, I ask her to describe her ideal birth. And I want her to be as detailed as possible. That’s what we are aiming for, during the pregnancy with all the relaxation, visualisation and meditation. We are working towards an ideal birth. Our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined. Therefore it makes sense that that’s what we focus on.Certainly a significant proportion of my teaching is concerned with understanding this principle; if we want a positive birth we need to release negative beliefs and limitations and replace them with and focus on positive ones. Simple. Or is it?

Healthy Diet as a Working Mum

Healthy Diet as a Working Mum

Staying healthy, balanced and energised is every mum’s goal – for herself and for the family, but when you’re working as well as taking care of the children, time is of the essence. Getting children ready for the day, preparing breakfast and arranging your own day means that mornings are very hectic and time-constricted.

Find The Best Photographer for Your Newborn | Newborn Photographer Stevenage

Find The Best Photographer for Your Newborn Newborn Photographer Stevenage

Today we share an expert article from an incredibly talented newborn photographer based in Stevenage. Deana owns a fantastic newborn photography business called “Images of Life by Deana“.  Her outstanding reviews and stunning photography skills. You can have a look at Deana’s listing with us here. As expectant parents we have so many questions when […]

How do I stop my child waking at 5am? | Infant Sleep Consultant Lytham St Anne’s

How do I stop my child waking at 5am?

How do I stop my child waking at 5am?Based on how frequently I am asked, “how can I stop my child waking at 5am?”, there are a startling number of families out there routinely starting the day at 5-something – sometimes even earlier! Whilst early-rising can be a tricky sleep hurdle to overcome, it is possible – and often the solution is the last thing a family expects…

Naming Ceremonies | Lytham St Anne’s

naming ceremonies lytham st annes

At MyBump2Baby we are proud to have our expert article section to help parents gain more understanding on different topics that may be of interest. Today we have the lovely Jo from “Celebrate with Jo”. Jo offers non religious ceremonies in Lytham St Anne’s and the Lancashire area, you can find her listing with us by clicking here. Lots of parents love the idea of a christening but then feel they shouldn’t have one as they are not religious. Very few parents realise that there is an alternative optio

Swim into Summer

Swim in to Summer

Where are you going on holiday this summer? Home or abroad, hotel or self-catering, chances are that it’ll involve water. Water Babies explains how to make sure summer splashing is fun and safe for everyone. Like a child to water There’s a reason Earth is known as the blue planet: water covers eighty percent of […]

Taking Children Abroad – Who Has Parental Responsibility for the Child?

Taking Children Abroad - Who Has Parental Responsibility for the Child?

With summer fast approaching, there is no doubt that many parents will be making plans to take their child abroad. Despite this, parents and grandparents may not be considering the legal implications of taking their children or grandchildren on holiday, especially when there is a child arrangements order in place. This guidance may help you […]

Do Early Experiences Make a Difference to a Baby’s Brain?

Do Early Experiences Make a Difference to a Babies Brain?

Do Early Experiences Matter when it comes to a Babys’ Brain? Research have shown that the first three years of your child’s life are uniquely important, because this is the most sensitive period for brain development.  The experiences your child will have during this time, will shape the architecture of his/her brain, and build the […]

Boogie Beat Shares the Benefits of Music and Movement | Preston, Blackpool & Fylde

Boogie Beat Shares the Benefits of Music and Movement | Preston, Blackpool & Fylde

We are very lucky in this day and age to have so many amazing baby and toddler groups in our local area. We love the experts sharing the many benefits of their fantastic classes. Today, Rachael Hickson the owner of the wonderful Boogie Beat Music and Movement Preston, Blackpool & Fylde, Shares the Benefits of […]

Why on Earth Would You Want a Birth Photographer??

Why on earth would you want a birth photographer? This is a question ALL of my expectant couples get asked, at least once, when discussing their birth plans with friends and family. Well, this comparison may just answer that popular question. The image on the left is me and our daughter Millie straight after she […]

Cold Cast Metal – Capturing the Art and Beauty of Life-casts

Cold Cast Metals Capturing the art and beauty of life-casts

Capturing the art and beauty of life-casts Image Casting create beautiful casts in a variety of materials from cold cast metals, to real metals (hot founded metals) and glass and we are often asked to explain how the metal casts differ. Traditional bronze and sterling silver casts – hot metal casts – are made in […]

Teaching the Kids to Invest

It sure isn’t getting any cheaper out there and if you’re dreading the prospect of sending one or more of your children to college, or worrying about how they’ll ever buy a house, then you need to take some positive action! Don’t forget, you’re in the business of raising adults here and adults are supposed […]

The Importance of Going to Music Classes with your Baby

The importance of going to music classes with your baby

Music is a universal language that everyone loves and understands, but did you know that it is the only activity that can stimulate and activate every part of your baby’s brain? Contrary to common belief, every child is born musical and as parents all you have to do is nurture this innate ability.  In other […]

Swim through Winter

Summer and swimming go together like jelly and ice-cream. But when days are short and dark, swimming is the perfect winter activity for families. Water Babies explains how it lifts spirits, improves sleep and boosts immunity. Nothing beats fresh air. Bundling up and getting out is a great antidote to stuffy central heating and feeling […]

Strong to the core – At what age can a child swim properly?

At what age can a child swim properly? It’s a question we get asked a lot at Water Babies, and it’s all down to water confidence and core strength.
Firstly, it rather depends on what you mean by ‘swim properly’. Thanks to innate reflexes, babies can swim under the water from birth. But to be able to swim on the surface, lifting their head to take a breath, little ones need a degree of strength that comes with age.

Falling Back Without a Bump – The Autumn clock-change

How to help your little one sail through the Autumn clock-change

How to help your little one sail through the Autumn clock-change  I used to love the Autumn clock-change – a whole extra hour in bed without having to sacrifice anything else in return…bliss! Like many parents, I am now accustomed to rising with my little lark and whilst 7am certainly isn’t inhumane, the prospect of […]

What are the Benefits of Having a Private 3d or 4d Scan?

What are the Benefits of Having a Private 3d or 4d Scan? From the moment you get your positive pregnancy test you are aware that a little person is growing inside of you. It’s the start of a blossoming relationship which is everlasting. That bond between mother and child has begun and gets stronger and stronger as the days go by.

10 Reasons to Book on a Baby Yoga Course

10 Reasons to book on a baby yoga course

What are the Reasons you should Book on a Baby Yoga Course? I have been working as a baby yoga instructor for nearly 3 years now but before this I worked in Early Years for well over 10 years and have a degree in Early Childhood Development. For me, it is all about development and […]

If Carlsberg did Gender Reveals………….!!

Goodwing sGender Reveal

Since that day, we decided to make “Goodwings Epic Gender Reveals” into a registered company, as we wanted other people to experience the sheer joy we felt at finding out in such a unique and dynamic way and due to it being an amazing experience that your loved ones can also share with you and remember fondly for many years to come.

Baby Massage Benefits

Baby Massage Benefits

Baby Massage Benefits – MyBump2Baby is home to baby massage companies throughout the UK, to find your local baby massage provider visit our website. Today we have baby massage expert Kyleigh Gregson sharing baby massage benefits.

8 Reasons to book a Professional Newborn Photography Session

8 reasons to book a newborn photoshoot

Welcoming a new arrival to the family is such a special time and in the days that follow you will no doubt be full of all kinds of emotions. Whether you decide to mark this occasion by booking a photographer to visit you in your home or you choose to visit a professional studio, here […]