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MyBump2Baby’s Favourite Brands

These are our personal favourite brands and which we recommend to parents.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine Review

Tommee tippee perfect prep machine review

Review of The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine
Tommee Tippee is a well-known brand for baby feeding accessories, and it is one of the most loved and trusted brands in the baby world.

The Egg Stroller Pram Review

the egg stroller pram review

Egg Stroller Pram Review – Every parent is keen to understand the features of the stroller before purchase and we totally understand that. This is a very exciting time for parents and when you are picturing your new life with your bundle of joy the pram often comes in to your mind and it is hardly suprising.

Dreading Returning to Work after Maternity Leave?

Are you dreading going back to work after maternity leave? Rest assure that you are not alone!
Anxiety, worry, stress… mum guilt! It can be so overwhelming dealing with so many different emotions at the same time that often the last few weeks of maternity leave can become a blur or full of stress; whereas actually they should be full of fun and smiles and wonderful memories.

Eco friendly Organic Baby Clothing Rental Service

Eco friendly clothing rental service

eco-friendly organic baby rental service, save money and dress your baby in organic baby clothes? Try renting with an online baby clothes rental subscription from Qookeee…

As a mother of a toddler I know all too well just how many clothes one tiny human can get through! From the hordes of clothes you buy when pregnant (which they grow out of before they’ve worn half of it) to the piles of clothes ruined by nappy explosions or food stains, not to mention the sacks full of Babygrow’s, socks and bibs which you probably won’t use again even if you do have another baby but you feel obliged to hold onto “just in case”.

The Best Prams in 2020

the best prams of 2020

The best prams of 2020 A new pram is an essential for all new parents and finding the perfect one can often be a long process. There are lots of factors that must be considered when purchasing a new pram, such as the size, colour, weight, comfort and of course the safety of your little one! MyBump2Baby has compiled a list of the best prams in 2020 to help you make your decision. 

Funky Girls Fashion with Iris Dares

funky girls fashion with iris Dares

funky-girls-fashion-with-iris-dares Sometimes it’s hard to find clothes for your little girl that actually reflect her dazzling personality, or even clothes that aren’t just standard pink or boring. Little girls nowadays want to feel powerful and like they can achieve anything (which they most certainly can). And still even now, in this day and age, some clothing stores feature out of date clothing for girls.

Get Summer ready with Arbonne’s 30 Day to Healthy Living!

Get summer ready with Arbonne's 30 days to healthy living

If you’re still feeling the effects of Christmas and dreading the warmer weather coming as it means you have to forgo the forgiving jeans and jumpers, read on to find out how you can turn your eating habits around and get summer ready with Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living program…

The Best Courses for Expectant Parents

courses-for-expectant-parents Minefield, Insane, Crazy, Scary – these are just some of the words expectant parents use to describe this new chapter in their life.Let’s face it, from the moment we see two lines on that pregnancy stick, our world as we know it changes. We no longer just think about ourselves and at this point… family life begins!!! Many parents admit “googling” literally everything when it comes to childbirth and keeping calm. And lets be honest the unknown is scary!!

Bamboo Eco Friendly Toothbrushes for Children & Toddlers

Bamboo Eco Friendly Toothbrushes for Children & Toddlers

We know how hard it can be to make the changes to use more sustainable products that are better for the environment, but we also know how important it is that people make these changes. The environment is suffering a lot at the moment and just one small change in each household could make a huge difference which is why we are writing a review on a fantastic brand that offers Bamboo Eco Friendly Toothbrushes for Children and Toddlers.

Making Reading Fun with Reading Eggs

Making Reading Time Fun with Reading Eggs, Are you starting to teach your little one how to read, but find that they get distracted when reading books together?  I had this same problem with my daughter (3) and that’s when we discovered the Reading Eggs, making reading time fun.

Eco Nappy Subscription Review – Mama Bamboo Review

We are really excited to share a new Eco Nappy Subscription service from the fantastic brand Mama Bamboo . This is not the first time we have praised this fantastic eco friendly brand on their wonderful products.

Many parents aren’t aware how much nappies and wipes can impact the environment.

Did you know? Each standard disposable uses chlorine and 200ml of crude oil in its manufacture. It takes up to 500 years for ONE disposable nappy to decompose. 
The average child will use 6000 nappies before they are potty trained!

Online Fitness Programme for Busy Mum’s

Online Fitness Programme for Busy Mum

Life as a busy mum is hard. There are so many jobs to juggle that we often put ourselves to the back of the queue when it comes to self care and looking after our health. As a parent it’s hard enough going to the toilet on your own, let alone taking an hour out […]

The Fantastic Toddler Streetwear Brand ‘Lil Beatz’

streetwear clothing for toddlers

the-fantastic-toddler-streetwear-brand-lil-beatz Today’s review is all about a fantastic toddler streetwear brand ‘Lil Beatz’With kids jumping in puddles and playing in the mud, washing clothes can be an absolute nightmare, we know! We’ve all bought those cheap kid’s clothes that get bobbly after 1 wash, they’re low in quality and they just don’t last. They’re worn out before your child’s even had the chance to grow out of them…. It doesn’t matter what washing powder you choose to use, nothing seems to work.

Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Pram Review 

bugaboo camelion 3 pram review

bugaboo-cameleon-3-pram-review Today’s it is all about the Bugaboo Cameleon 3, this pram is so popular that even celebrities have been spotted using it. Bugaboo has been loved since 2005, it’s stylish and easy to use, making it a favourite for lots of parents. We are very excited to introduce our Bugaboo Cameleon 3 pram review.

Babbabox – an amazing newborn gift set which is eco-friendly too!

When it comes to buying gifts for those close to me, I can be very sentimental. I love buying thoughtful presents for loved ones which they can keep forever and this is particularly true for new babies! When my own son was born, I loved received keepsake presents which we can look back on in years to come and revisit those special memories which are over so quickly! I just wish that, a year ago when he was born, I had heard of Babbabox and seen the amazing newborn gift set they do which is eco-friendly too!

Buggy Bee – how to save money and be environmentally friendly by renting baby equipment!

Being eco-friendly is at the top of everyone’s agenda in the modern day and there are increasing ways to be an eco-friendly parent. I was delighted to review, Buggy bee who offer a way to save money and be environmentally friendly by renting baby equipment…… I know people say kids cost money but it’s not […]

Possibly the best book for outdoor play ideas with toddlers and children!

I was very excited to receive a copy of this fantastic book “Wild Things, Over 100 Magical Outdoor Adventures” by Lonely Planet Kids to complete a book review.  It is possibly the best book for outdoor play ideas with toddlers and children. When I was a child, I had a very vivid imagination but, over […]

Mini First Aid Review

mini first aid

Mini-first-aid-review I must admit that attending a first aid class was always one of those things on my list of things to do…. one of those things I would repeatedly tell myself “I will book on to this tomorrow” as I buttered my toast and watched in horror at another mother’s agonising pain as she lost her child to something that could have potentially been prevented. To be completely honest with you…  it would quickly slip to the back of my mind as life and jobs took over… until the next horrible story would grasp my attention and I would begin promising myself that “I will book on a course soon” only to have the same outcome each time.

Imaginative Play Curvy Balance Board

Imaginative play – It became a pirate ship, a den, a boat, the best rocket ship you had ever seen or made into a house for your dolls. I remember tying my mum and dad’s dressing gown tie around my head and me and my next door neighbour would hop on an ironing board and slide down the stairs into a sea of bad guys, ready to show off our ninja skills. They were the best times as a child…. When our day were taken up in imaginative worlds that our parents had no idea existed

Environmentally Friendly Nappy Cakes

Environmental Friendly Nappy Cakes Baby showers are becoming more and more popular in the UK, I absolutely loved mine and I couldn’t possibly count how many I have actually been to. One of the best gifts I received was a nappy cake full of absolutely gorgeous items (all absolutely needed and 100% necessary). The stunning nappy cake was packed to the brim full of disposable nappies. All I saw on the day was a lovely thoughtful gift that must have taken absolutely ages to make, certainly not something I would have the time to create myself, however since receiving one and reminiscing about how much it meant to me – it is now my first choice when I go to a baby shower.

How to Look a Million Dollars on a Mummy Budget

how to look a million dollars on a mummy budget

How to Look a Million Dollars on a Mummy Budget I adore fashion and when I’m not slobbing at home with my mum bun intact, I like to look presentable. However, being a busy working mum I often don’t have time to think carefully and plan my outfit choices let alone matching clothing with accessories. Ok… Ok… I hold my hands up, you only have to look at my Instagram to see that I have left the house with odd shoes not to mention the child stained clothes …. you all know what I mean, that lovely smear of snot or a chocolate handprint on my skirt….  and sometimes (mainly when I bump in to someone I know) I think, oh no I wish I had made more of an effort!!! But can you look a million dollars on a mummy budget?

The Savvy Little Monsters Ltd – Taking Pre-loved Buying to Another Level

The Savvy little monsters taking pre loved to another level

How much do we all love pre loved buying, or buy sell sites though? I know I do, there is always a bargain to be had and always something in my house that is unused and worth some money. There is sometimes however, the downsides to buying preloved items because you can never really know […]

If Only You Could Rent Baby Clothes | Baby Clothes Subscription Box 

baby clothes rental subscription box

“Have a baby “they said…. “it will be fun” they said… but they never said how many sleepless nights you have when you have a baby.Regardless of whether it is the numerous night feeds or the amount of thoughts on your mind when you are trying to balance everything that comes with being a parent, there is always a little bit of stress attached when it comes to running a household.We simply cannot deny the increase in outgoings when it comes to starting a family. The fact is, our babies are always growing which means clothing purchased that initially fits like a glove, regularly need to be replaced with new clothing.

Greenhawk Spirit | The Magical Teething Jewellery Specialist

“Isn’t teething fun” Said no parent EVER!!! Teething can be a very difficult time for both parents and baby, with lack of sleep, ongoing tears and plenty of unsettling symptoms – it really is no wonder parents are often searching for some kind of magical teething jewellery to help them through this difficult stage parenting. […]

Baby/Toddler Sustainable Bath Sponge – Koha Kids

Baby Toddler Sustainable Bath Sponge – Koha Kids

Bath time in our house is George’s time to flick between becoming a super-hero Shark hunter saving lives by selflessly pulling screaming children from the depths of the ocean to Finding Nemo as he swims around the bath desperately searching for his parents. As with most things when you are a parent of a toddler, […]

How Do You Tell Your Toddler You’re Expecting?

How do you tell your toddler you're expecting 1

Ok… Now before you jump to any conclusions… NO I am absolutely not!!! A big question that many parents ask is “how do you tell your toddler your expecting?”. Telling your Toddler You are Pregnant Many parents claim that the moment they tell their little one the exciting news about a future siblings arrival it […]

Baby Clothes Keepsake Bear – Tracy’s Treasured Keepsakes Review

baby clothes keepsake bear

Sometimes, it is all too easy to forget those precious little outfits your little one wore in their first year – you know which ones I mean, those treasured items you washed, neatly folded and put away in their untouched nursery, those baby clothes you nervously packed in to your hospital bag, those baby clothes […]

Our Arbonne Review

Arbonne review – who they are, what they are about and what are their products like? Many people, parents especially, are now taking the plunge in to self-employment and who can blame them? I mean seriously, with childcare costs on the rise and more self-employment opportunities than ever…. Why would you not want to work […]

An App To Make Your Baby Smarter

An App To Make Your Baby Smarter by using it for Just 10 Minutes a Day

An App To Make Your Baby Smarter by using it for Just 10 Minutes a Day From the moment you cast your eyes upon those two pink lines on the pee stick, your life, as you know it, changes forever! Your favourite goats cheese pizza, the doorstop sizes wedges of pate on toast and the […]

Mama Bamboo – ECO Friendly Sustainable bamboo Nappies And Baby Wipes

Mama Bamboo – The ECO Friendly, Chemical Free Nappy and Baby Wipes

8 nappies a day, 7 days a week, 30 months on average = That equates to 50,400 nappies thrown in to landfills, this isn’t including wipes and this is just your impact…..Now, think about how many friends and family members you know that are using disposable nappies and wipes…. imagine how many that would be? […]