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Be Afraid… Be Very Afraid

This post is a follow up from my previous blog post “A mummy with cruddy skin”, if you didn’t read it Hello…. I am the mummy with cruddy skin…. I am sending a virtual wave to you. Since having George I really let myself go and my skin regime had gone out the window. I […]

Being a Mummy with Cruddy Skin

So last week after months of being totally unhealthy… not only with my diet but also with my skincare regime, I realised I can no longer use the excuse “I have just had a baby” because the little monster is nearly a year old. I don’t know about you but not looking after myself really […]

Just Me… Thinking to Myself About Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s day is here and boyyyy… how different my relationship is since having a child. Not only is it hard work trying to offload your “bundle of joy” for a couple of hours on Valentine’s day but once the babysitter is sorted you then wonder what outfit you have that is suitable, it needs […]

Holy Crap Motherhood Just Got Harder

George is now 9 months old and I thought I had actually masterminded being a mother but then last month he seemed to have changed completely. First of all he found his voice… and boyyyy don’t I know about it. The once non clingy, laid back, lazy baby is now just like a mini monster […]

Mood Swings, Loud Screams and Daily Tantrums

So as your probably aware from my many, many posts last week (sorry about that) that I was on my first family holiday in Tenerife. Many of my friends have asked me … how did George behave? And quite frankly I am not sure. I have never taken a 9-month old baby abroad before so […]

Are You A Sleep Deprived Worrier of a Mum?

Since having my son George, I really struggle sleeping a full night. This isn’t because George wakes up… he is actually the laziest baby on earth and I often have to wake him up in a morning. The reason that I struggle sleeping is because my anxiety levels are through the roof. I never really […]

That Time EBay Took Over My Life

So there I was … sitting on the bed staring at my £149 pine Ikea wardrobe… it was bursting open and I really needed to have a clear out. I decided it was time. I have never had much of a fashion sense. I just used to keep loads of clothes in my wardrobe in […]

My Goals for 2017

So here I am on the 1st January 2017 putting a pen to paper… (literally) as I write in my new empty journal… I can’t help but feel a little excited about my future for 2017. I have finally found something that I absolutely love doing… a hobby I have been seeking for a number […]

Forgive me… For Being A Grumpy Cow at Times

Forgive Me…. For Being a Grumpy Cow at Times So the other day… My husband Danny came home from work… he was very quiet and I could tell he was a little stressed about work. We eventually spoke about it and I tried to explain.. that I too, had had a stressful day but then […]

And I Thought I Was On My Way To Being An Athlete with a Killer Bod!!!

So in one of my last blogs “Please tell me this happen to you too?” I told you about how I get obsessed with new things and the new thing I got obsessed with was the gym… Which sounds great right? I thought so too… It cost me over £150 in total forking out on […]

Surviving the first 6 months of parenthood

Ok so I am sat here smiling ear to ear… Why??? Well it’s because my son George and I have made it… WE HAVE SURVIVED THE FIRST 6 MONTHS TOGETHER…. and I didn’t leave him anywhere, I didn’t “forget” to feed him and I think he actually likes me… So when I initially found out […]

Please tell me this happens to you too??

Please tell me this happens to you too

Ok… Ok… I know what your thinking…. “Why???? Stop now and save yourself and your money” but to put it quite simply I can’t.

Morphine, Boobs and A New Baby

Morphine, Boobs and A New Baby by Carla

A new mothers account about her first experiences of motherhood after her baby was born 7 weeks early.

Placenta Previa, A Heart Attack, A Wedding and a C Section all in the space of a month… and BREATHE

The lady reassured me “9 out of 10 low lying placentas move by week 32 – you should be fine”