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Surviving the first 6 months of parenthood

Ok so I am sat here smiling ear to ear… Why??? Well it’s because my son George and I have made it… WE HAVE SURVIVED THE FIRST 6 MONTHS TOGETHER…. and I didn’t leave him anywhere, I didn’t “forget” to feed him and I think he actually likes me… So when I initially found out […]

Please tell me this happens to you too??

Ok… Ok… I know what your thinking…. “Why???? Stop now and save yourself and your money” but to put it quite simply I can’t.

Morphine, Boobs and A New Baby

A new mothers account about her first experiences of motherhood after her baby was born 7 weeks early.

Placenta Previa, A Heart Attack, A Wedding and a C Section all in the space of a month… and BREATHE

The lady reassured me “9 out of 10 low lying placentas move by week 32 – you should be fine”