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At MyBump2Baby we feel honoured to have the ability to connect so many businesses together, whether it’s for advice, collaborations or just a friendly chat. We think collaborations are really important and they are such a powerful way to express messages to your followers. In a world where everything is now online working with parent bloggers can be such a powerful marketing tool without breaking the bank.MyBump2Baby works with parent bloggers and aims to get your brand seen by your ideal audience with our budget friendly review and parent blogger service. Contact us or read on to find more information about how we can catapult your brand.

Decorating a Small Nursery on a Budget

decorating a small nursery on a budget. We’ve all been there, scrolling down Pinterest for numerous hours a day, you’ve seen loads of amazing ideas for your baby’s nursery. You’ve searched everything that has caught your eye and you’ve got a total figure, only…your bank account doesn’t agree.

Picking the right Car Seat for your Baby

Tips on Picking the right Car Seat for your baby Most parents buy a car seat before their new baby arrives. This is because you’ll need one to travel anywhere with your baby, such as home from the hospital or to the hospital for check ups. When purchasing a new car seat, you should ensure that it is suitable for a newborn baby. This is really important because if not, it may compromise the safety of your baby. 

6 of Netflix’s “Must Sees” for Pregnant Mums

6 of netflix must sees for pregnant mums – We know how rare a movie night can be in a house with children, so you need to make the most out of the time. Taking time out of your schedule is really important, it allows you to relax and can give you some quality time with your significant other. We’ve compiled this list of 6 of Netflix’s “Must Sees” for pregnant mums, so that you don’t have to waste any more time scrolling through Netflix. 

Recognising the Signs of Domestic Abuse During Pregnancy

recognising-the-signs-of-domestic-abuse-during-pregnancy, Today, we’re talking about domestic abuse during pregnancy. Please be aware that if you are suffering in a domestic abusive relationship during pregnancy, you are not alone and there is help available to you.

7 Podcasts Every Mum Needs to Listen to

7-podcasts-every-mum-needs-to-listen-to As a Mum, time alone is quite a rare occurrence, so when you do get those bliss few minutes, how do you like to spend them? Many parents on MyBump2Baby love podcasts and we can see why. Podcasts are a fantastic way to multitask and feel less alone. Podcasts are great because you can listen while you walk, run, hang the washing out, during the night feeds  or in your car whilst your little one sleeps.

Financial Planning During Pregnancy

financial planning during pregnancy – This article will provide you with all of the helpful financial planning tips that you need to consider whilst being

Monoamniotic-Monochorionic (MoMo) Twins – My Twin Loss Story

monoamniotic-monochroionic-momo-twins Today MyBump2Baby founder, podcast host and humorous mummy blogger an Carla Lett shares her twin loss story in a bid to support other parents experiencing similar

Why Should We Read More Books With our Children?

why-should-we-read-more-books-with-our-children Today we share an article from business owner Gemma Webb, from Phonic Stars in Croydon. Gemma shares a blog on why we should read more books with our children.

It will be no mean ‘feet’ for diddi dance founder, Anne-Marie, as she attempts to dance non-stop for 24 hours

  A professional dancer and businesswoman from Woolwich, South East London is attempting her biggest dancing challenge to date as she prepares to dance solo for 24 hours to raise money for disabled children. Mum-of-two, Anne-Marie Martin, is a professional dancer and the Founder of diddi dance, a successful national franchise network of dancing activities […]

The Best Prams in 2020

The best prams of 2020 A new pram is an essential for all new parents and finding the perfect one can often be a long process. There are lots of factors that must be considered when purchasing a new pram, such as the size, colour, weight, comfort and of course the safety of your little one! MyBump2Baby has compiled a list of the best prams in 2020 to help you make your decision. 

Gemma Atkinson’s Maternal Health Story

At MyBump2Baby, we think that maternal health is really important and it’s something that everyone should be aware of. That’s why we wanted to share this article with you about Gemma Atkinson’s Maternal Health Story, which she recently shared online with her fans. 

“My Smear test could have Saved my Life” Fifty Shades of Motherhood Host Speaks out

33-year-old Carla Lett, felt like her “worst nightmare” had come true when she got the letter following her smear test saying her cells were “abnormal.”  ‘My Smear test could have Saved my Life’ Fifty Shades of Motherhood Host

7 Reasons why Baby Casting is an absolute MUST

7 Reasons why baby casting is an absolute MUST

A baby cast involves mixing a mould together with safe ingredients and placing it around your baby’s hands and/or feet. After a short while, the mould will have set around your baby’s hands and/or feet and the mould will be removed carefully. 

Phonics Stars Croydon Online Baby and Toddler Group Review

Online Baby and Toddler Group Review Last week myself and my daughter had the great pleasure of being part of Phonics Stars Croydon, Coulsdon and Caterham trial week for their new online  baby and toddler group.