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Baby Rex’s First Autumn – Stacey Gets in the Autumn Spirit

Stacey Soloman

Who doesn’t love the autumn colours – we certainly do. But imagine having your very own Halloween/Autumn flora that drapes around your door. It is Stacey Solomans sons first Autumn and Stacey is keen to get in to the Autumn spirit.

10 Things to Consider When Choosing your Next Professional Photographer

10 things to consider when choosing your next professional photographer

10 things to consider when choosing your next professional photographer 

In this day and age, the photography industry is over saturated with photographers from all levels and specialities, from doing it as a hobby to offering a luxury, high end photography experience. This can make it quite daunting finding your next photographer. I just Googled ‘Northampton photographers’ and there are 170 results that came up!! That’s just insane as I’m sure some aren’t even on Google! So while sifting through all these photographers, what should you be looking for? What should you consider when choosing your next professional photographer?

Connecting Trusted Financial Advisors with Growing Families Throughout the UK

At MyBump2Baby we are keen to change this and we are really excited to be working with trusted financial advisors throughout the UK on a campaign to raise awareness on this important subject in a bid to protect more parents and families should the worst happen. Many parents admit that life insurance is a subject they often don’t like to think about as it means thinking about our own mortality. Unfortunately, life insurance is often taken it out when we have witnessed the awful repercussions of what can happen when someone sadly passes away without it, often leaving family unable to pay bills and maintain the lifestyle they had before.

Our Top 5 Subscription boxes for mums and babies

mybump2baby's top 5 subsctiption boxes for mums and babies

Top 5 Subscription Boxes for Mum and Babies

There is just something so satisfying about getting a regular delivery of something you love straight to your door. I am personally a huge fan of monthly subscriptions and I guess it all started with me when I could get my favourite magazines delivered.

Subscriptions have taken the world by storm and according to Forbes 15% of online shoppers have signed up for one or more subscription services in the past year. It isn’t surprising as there is literally something for everyone. From clothing to self-care to food products.
We wanted to celebrate our top 5 subscription boxes for mum and babies and we are sure you will love them as much as us so here goes in no particular

Imaginative Play Curvy Balance Board

Imaginative play – It became a pirate ship, a den, a boat, the best rocket ship you had ever seen or made into a house for your dolls. I remember tying my mum and dad’s dressing gown tie around my head and me and my next door neighbour would hop on an ironing board and slide down the stairs into a sea of bad guys, ready to show off our ninja skills. They were the best times as a child…. When our day were taken up in imaginative worlds that our parents had no idea existed

Pampers Announces ‘Smart Nappy’ Launch

Pampers launches ‘smart nappy’ which alerts you when your baby needs changing Smart phones, Ipads, Alexa – our world is bringing out all sorts of amazing products that we couldn’t even dream about. A new product has been announced that has set thousands of parents tongues wagging throughout the UK. Ok … sure changing a […]

What are the Best Baby Sun Creams for Babies and Toddlers?

besy sun cream for babies and toddlers

Perhaps you are jetting off abroad or maybe you are staying in the UK, wherever you are this Summer, it is important to remember to use sun cream on your little one’s skin whatever the weather. You would be surprised how strong the sun can be even on the gloomiest days. Did you know?  up […]

The Savvy Little Monsters Ltd – Taking Pre-loved Buying to Another Level

The Savvy little monsters taking pre loved to another level

How much do we all love pre loved buying, or buy sell sites though? I know I do, there is always a bargain to be had and always something in my house that is unused and worth some money. There is sometimes however, the downsides to buying preloved items because you can never really know […]

Arabella Chi from Love Island has been a Maternity Model – Whattttt?

Many of us parents, plan our lives around the hit reality show otherwise known as Love Island. In our house, we actually have a rule in place that all household chores must be completed by 8:50… if there not they get left till the morning, so that we can sit back, whilst my poor husband […]

So What is this Hypnobirthing All About Then??

so what is hypnobirthing all about then

So What is this Hypnobirthing All About Then?? Now, let’s get down to busting a few myths about hypnobirthing shall we, and explain what its really all about?Firstly, you don’t have to be a hippy, worship the moon, wear sandals, baggy clothes and listen to monks chanting (although what’s wrong with that? Personally I love a good Tibetan singing bowl).  Hypnobirthing, especially combined with Mindfulness can work wonders for preparing women and very importantly partners for childbirth. I want birth partners to also feel confident and view themselves as a well-equipped birthing coach.And I mean ANY birth, not just home birthing. Even if you are having a planned caesarean section the techniques learnt in a workshop will help enormously. Before, during and after childbirth, especially breastfeeding.

Top 5 Family Attractions In Surrey


Here in Surrey we have so many wonderful places to explore and lots of history to learn about and of course the River Thames. If you love history, being out and about, taking a stroll along the River Thames or if you are thrill seeker, Surrey has something for everyone of all ages. It is very hard for me to pick just 5 places in Surrey as there are so many, but I would like to share with you some of the best places my family and I have been to and have made amazing memories along the way.

If Only You Could Rent Baby Clothes | Baby Clothes Subscription Box 

baby clothes rental subscription box

“Have a baby “they said…. “it will be fun” they said… but they never said how many sleepless nights you have when you have a baby.Regardless of whether it is the numerous night feeds or the amount of thoughts on your mind when you are trying to balance everything that comes with being a parent, there is always a little bit of stress attached when it comes to running a household.We simply cannot deny the increase in outgoings when it comes to starting a family. The fact is, our babies are always growing which means clothing purchased that initially fits like a glove, regularly need to be replaced with new clothing.

Items to Remember to Take to a Haven Caravan Holiday

items to remember to take on a haven holiday

Wahooo…. the Haven caravan season is finally upon us!!!There is honestly nothing better than driving away from your normal life to spend quality time with your tribe…. away from chores, jobs and that awful thing that we call “laundry”. Regardless of whether you are heading to Presthaven Sands, Riviera Sands or Lakeland Holiday Park you will need a list of items to remember to take to your Haven Caravan holiday.You may be intending to be in the caravan for a very short space of time or you may plan on being in the caravan a lot…. Either way it is important to make sure you pack all the essentials.

Easter Fun Craft Ideas

Easter fun craft ideas

Oh I do love Easter…. The chocolate, the eggs and the bank holiday – come on what is not to love! If you have older children who are off school it can be an expensive time, especially if you are at a loss for things to do. A simple cinema trip can cost over £20.00 […]

Potty Training Essentials | Recommended Items for Potty Training

Potty Training Essentials Must have potty training items

If you have stumbled across this post it must be nearly time for the BIG task of potty training!!! You are probably in a good routine and it is scary thinking about changing that – I mean let’s face it, getting out the house is not an easy task with nappies let alone without. From […]