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Current State of the Housing Market

The Current State of the Housing Market

Today we speak with property expert Michael Maloco, directory of Maloco Mowat Parker our property experts across Dunfermline.

In todays episode Michael talks about the process of purchasing and selling a property in Scotland as well as the current state of the housing market and things you need to know in 2023.

Cash ISA

Junior Cash ISA’s

Today on the expert podcast we are joined by Mette Jensen, Senior Financial Advisor at Four Wealth Management in Clifton. In this episode we talk about investing for our children’s future and we talk about the benefits of JISAS (Junior Cash ISA’s).

Turtle Tots Q & A

Interview with Turtle Tots

Today we welcome on to the MyBump2Baby expert podcast Joanna Wood, head of aquatics for Turtle Tots HQ. In this episode Joanna talks about the franchise opportunities available and shares some tips on finding the right baby swimming lessons for you and your baby as well as some tip tips to help your swimming lessons run as smoothly as possible.

Baby swimming safety

Baby Swimming Safety

Today I am joined by Lauren Heston the founder of Little Dippers Swim School, our swimming experts in the inner London and Brighton area. Today we chat about water safety and why it is so important. We cover why you should go to baby swimming, what the benefits are and so much more.

Holiday Swimming

Holiday Swimming

Today on the MyBump2Baby expert podcast, we are talking to special guest Ali Beckman, technical director and head teacher of Puddle Ducks, Ali shares her top tips on holiday swimming and things to think about when going abroad with children.



On today’s episode of the MyBump2Baby Expert podcast, Carla invites founder of HE Aquatics Helena on to the podcast to discuss Hydrotherapy, they discuss what it is, why it is good for expectant mums and even babies.