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Limb Difference

“I thought I had completely ruined my babies life before it had even started.” Carla is joined by her cousin and fellow mummy blogger Stephanie Osler in todays episode. She discusses her journey about finding out during pregnancy her son would have a limb difference.

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Comparing Ourselves

“I did not want to breastfeed” Carla is joined by Emily Mills from Mamma Mindset to talk about the constant battle mums have of comparing themselves to others.

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“It’s like having your child taken away and being given another one ” host Carla Lett speaks openly to Koach Katie about her journey about being a mum to her son who is autistic.

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I was literally properly grossed out by the fact a big fat head had just come out my vagina

Maternal Mental Health

“I was literally properly grossed out by the fact a big fat head had just come out my vagina.” host Carla Lett speaks to bloggers Amy Downes from Mum Full of Dreams and Sophie Mei Lan from Mama Mei all about Maternal Mental Health.

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Postpartum Psychosis

“ I am gonna hurt the baby” host Carla Lett speaks to blogger and mum of one Christina Royapen
about her experience of Postpartum Psychosis after birth.

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Being a New Mum

Carla speaks to new mum Steph Riding, all about her journey in to motherhood, from peeing on the stick to navigating her way through being a new mum to her 4 month old daughter Remy. This episode involves oversharing, cringiness, giggles and relatable comments to make you smile.

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The Widowed Dad

Carla chats with father of one, Mark Wilcock about his journey playing both mother and father after suddenly losing his wife Catherine aged 35 when his daughter was only 8 months old.

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Going Solo – My Sperm Donor Story

Carla & mum of 2 Genevieve Roberts talk openly about Genevieve’s decision to “go solo” after Genevieve found herself single in her 30’s. Genevieve talks about her decision to get a sperm donor, the process and where she is now.

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Infertility, Miscarriage & Baby Loss

Host Carla Lett & blogger Sophie Martin about infertility, miscarriage & baby loss during SANDS awareness month. Carla & Sophie share their own experiences of baby loss – how they felt and how they feel now with tears & giggles along the way.

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Let’s Talk About Smear Tests

Carla and blogger/vlogger Sophie Mei Lan chat openly about their smear tests ahead of Cervical Screening Awareness week on 15th June – 22nd June 2020.

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Welcome to Fifty Shades of Motherhood

“The tantrums, the shits in the bath, the crying cause I have had enough” Carla Lett shares her raw, honest introduction on why she has …

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