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Breast Cancer during Pregnancy

“We have your biopsy results back…its cancer.”Welcome back to Season 3 of Fifty Shades of Motherhood! This week Carla talks to the brave Keisha Chadwick. Keisha discusses how she discovered a lump whilst pregnant and learning that she had breast cancer shortly after giving birth.

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covid pregnancy

Covid during Pregnancy

“My heart stopped, my lungs collapsed and my kidneys stopped working.” Welcome back to Season 3 of Fifty Shades of Motherhood! This week Carla talks to the incredible Sameera Kahn. Sameera opens up about her getting Covid whilst pregnant and being induced into a coma to save hers and her babies life.

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Divorcing a Narcissist

“He was very Jekyll and Hyde…he was nasty.”
Please note this episode discusses abuse and references suicide.
Welcome back to Season 3 of Fifty Shades of Motherhood! This week Carla talks to a brave guest who wishing to remain anonymous. They discuss the cycle of her being in an emotional and mentally abusive relationship and how she left with help and support.

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The Organised Mum

“There is more to life than housework” Welcome back to Season 3 of Fifty Shades of Motherhood and The My Bump 2 Baby Expert Podcast! This week in a special crossover episode Carla talks to Sunday Times Best Seller Gem Bray aka The Organised Mum about how she turned her anxieties around motherhood into an amazing brand.

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Life after lockdown

Life after Lockdown

“It was a shock to the system when I had to put a bra on and do the school run!”
Welcome back to Season 3 of Fifty Shades of Motherhood! This week Carla talks to Janina Brocklesby about their feelings and possibly anxieties about life after lockdown and how lockdown has made them reflect on aspects of their life.

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“It’s one of those things, where you think it won’t ever happen to you.”
Welcome back to Season 3 of Fifty Shades of Motherhood! This week Carla talks to Lauren Back about her very recent experience with Sepsis shortly after giving birth to her baby boy.

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“Mummy why are you bouncing on the bed like that?” Welcome to Season 3 of Fifty Shades of Motherhood! A podcast with real honest chats about all that is parenting. Brought to you by your host Carla Lett, founder of My Bump 2 Baby. This week Carla talks with her friend Melanie O’Brien about something that is on our minds but we don’t speak about enough…Sex! From sex before kids to after and everything in between.

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premature baby

Premature Baby

“I was ten cm dilated…I was twenty eight weeks!” This week Carla is joined by Rachael Hickson, in the build-up to World Prematurity Day on November 17th.

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Domestic abuse

Domestic Abuse

“He punched me square in the face…that was a real turning point” Today, Carla is joined by Edwina Clark who bravely shares her story about suffering domestic abuse.

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haunted happenings

Haunted Happenings

“Someone just walked through me” This week we take a break from our usual motherhood stories and give you a Halloween special! Carla and her cousin Stephanie talk about the spooky and haunted happenings they have experienced.

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Peri Menopausal

“This horrible period is over!” Following World Menopause Day, Carla is joined by Fiona Legge, who opens up about her journey with PMDD.

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redundant mum

Redundant Mum

“You will look back and…realise this was the turning point for you” Carla is joined this week by Amy Downes, from Content Planning Wizard, who discusses being made redundant whilst pregnant.

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Giving Birth During Lockdown

“Birth plan…ripped up…out the window” Today Carla is joined by first time mum and founder of Babber Box, Phoebe Mills, who talks about giving birth to her little boy in April during the peak of the pandemic.

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6 Children and a Business

“He’s had the snip now so we are alright” Today Carla is joined by Kate Ball, founder of Mini First Aid. Kate talks about her life as a mum of 6 children, including 2 sets of twins, and how she balances it whilst running her own company with her husband.

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Mummy’s Got a Lump

“I don’t have time for cancer…I have three children.” In this week’s episode, building up to Breast Cancer Awareness month, Carla is joined by Clair Milling. A brave and inspirational mother who, during lockdown, got diagnosed with incurable cancer.

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Step Mum

“There is no rulebook, there is nothing out there at all” In today’s episode of Fifty Shades of Motherhood, Carla talks to Samantha Jay Bee about her experience being a step mum.

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Lessons from Lockdown

“Even though I have grown during that time…I also hit my lowest” Welcome back to Season 2 of 50 Shades of Motherhood. Carla is joined by her good friends Sophie Mai Lan and Amy Downes and they have an open and honest discussion about what they have learnt from lockdown. Juggling being a parent whilst navigating work life and the positives they have managed to find during this strange time.

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Widowed Mum

“You need to give your children a chance to say goodbye.” TV actress and founder of the Happy Me Project Holly Matthews joins Carla this week to bravely discuss losing her husband to cancer and becoming a single mum to two young children.

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adoption journey title pic

Adoption Journey

“Yes, I am desperate for a child – thanks for the reminder.” Carla is joined by Ella Cookson to talk about her journey from miscarriage, fertility problems, IVF all the way up to adoption.

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Limb Difference

“I thought I had completely ruined my babies life before it had even started.” Carla is joined by her cousin and fellow mummy blogger Stephanie Osler in todays episode. She discusses her journey about finding out during pregnancy her son would have a limb difference.

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Comparing Ourselves

“I did not want to breastfeed” Carla is joined by Emily Mills from Mamma Mindset to talk about the constant battle mums have of comparing themselves to others.

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“It’s like having your child taken away and being given another one ” host Carla Lett speaks openly to Koach Katie about her journey about being a mum to her son who is autistic.

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I was literally properly grossed out by the fact a big fat head had just come out my vagina

Maternal Mental Health

“I was literally properly grossed out by the fact a big fat head had just come out my vagina.” host Carla Lett speaks to bloggers Amy Downes from Mum Full of Dreams and Sophie Mei Lan from Mama Mei all about Maternal Mental Health.

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Postpartum Psychosis

“ I am gonna hurt the baby” host Carla Lett speaks to blogger and mum of one Christina Royapen
about her experience of Postpartum Psychosis after birth.

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Being a New Mum

Carla speaks to new mum Steph Riding, all about her journey in to motherhood, from peeing on the stick to navigating her way through being a new mum to her 4 month old daughter Remy. This episode involves oversharing, cringiness, giggles and relatable comments to make you smile.

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The Widowed Dad

Carla chats with father of one, Mark Wilcock about his journey playing both mother and father after suddenly losing his wife Catherine aged 35 when his daughter was only 8 months old.

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Going Solo – My Sperm Donor Story

Carla & mum of 2 Genevieve Roberts talk openly about Genevieve’s decision to “go solo” after Genevieve found herself single in her 30’s. Genevieve talks about her decision to get a sperm donor, the process and where she is now.

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Infertility, Miscarriage & Baby Loss

Host Carla Lett & blogger Sophie Martin about infertility, miscarriage & baby loss during SANDS awareness month. Carla & Sophie share their own experiences of baby loss – how they felt and how they feel now with tears & giggles along the way.

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Let’s Talk About Smear Tests

Carla and blogger/vlogger Sophie Mei Lan chat openly about their smear tests ahead of Cervical Screening Awareness week on 15th June – 22nd June 2020.

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Welcome to Fifty Shades of Motherhood

“The tantrums, the shits in the bath, the crying cause I have had enough” Carla Lett shares her raw, honest introduction on why she has …

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