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MyBump2Baby is the UK’s fastest growing pregnancy – pre-school directory.

Our directory has over 15,000 listings of classes, groups, events and businesses listed with real reviews from other parents so that you can find out what is on for you and your family within your local area.

We are pleased to announce the MyBump2Baby app is now live. It’s completely free and a brilliant resource with many features to make parents lives that little bit easier. You can find out more information a

bout it and download it via our MyBump2Baby App page.

We have recently been awarded “runner up” by Sage and Peter Jones in their quest to find the UK’s most ambitious business.

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Mama Bamboo – ECO Friendly Sustainable bamboo Nappies And Baby Wipes

Mama Bamboo – The ECO Friendly, Chemical Free Nappy and Baby Wipes

8 nappies a day, 7 days a week, 30 months on average = That equates to 50,400 nappies thrown in to landfills, this isn’t including wipes and this is just your impact…..Now, think about how many friends and family members you know that are using disposable nappies and wipes…. imagine how many that would be? […]

Creating a Timeless Memory Quilt with Baby Clothing

Creating a Timeless Memory Quilt with Baby Clothing

“Treasure every moment, it goes too quickly” are words you hear often as a parent, they tend to be shouted as you are half way through a major kick off in your local Aldi …. but either way, I am sure you will agree that this is something we have all heard during our first […]

How to teach your children how to behave round dogs!

How to teach your children to behave around dogs 1

We teach our children how to behave around babies, other children and adults but do you teach your children how to behave around dogs? Teaching our children how to behave around dogs can sometimes be forgotten, especially if your child doesn’t mix with dogs…. and then if they don’t mix with dogs how do you […]

Boogie Beat Music and Movement Review

As a parent, I am sure you will agree it can be a little difficult to choose the right baby and toddler group to suit your needs. In this day and age, we are truly blessed when it comes to baby and toddler groups and selecting the right one for you can be a little.. […]

Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums Magazine

Postitive wellbeing zine for mums

Tell me… what is one thing you do for yourself each day? Just one thing for one hour a day? Perhaps it is taking an exercise class each day or maybe you opt for a relaxing bath? Or sit in the Jacuzzi at your local spa? What do you do for your self-care and positive […]

KOACH Katie’s Online Fitness and Nutrition Plan Review

KOACH Katie’s online fitness and nutrition plan

If you type in the words “yo-yo dieter” in to Google you would probably see my face, you see… my relationship with food these last few years has been a little unhealthy to say the least and being an “all or nothing” type of person often means that I am either practically starving myself or […]

The Perfect 2019 Diary for Mums in Business

the best diary for mums in business 2019

I started using the Ultimate diary planner last year and it was our best year yet in terms of business growth. The Ultimate Diary planner is perfect for both personal and business life and let’s be honest – those two parts of our lives often overlap no matter how much we want to keep them separate. Just the other day I was typing a review sat on the floor of the bathroom whilst George was having a bath so a diary that keeps both parts of your life in order is an absolute must.

Brum Baby – The “Must Have” Soothing aid for Babies and Toddlers

brumbaby portable soothing aid

MyBump2Baby is often described as “The one stop shop for all your pregnancy to pre-school needs” and I must admit that one of our favourite parts of being the one stop shop is finding out about the newest “must-have” products on the market. We love it when we find a product that is simply created […]