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Just a Note to My Boy on your 2nd Birthday!

A note on your 2nd Birthday

My gorgeous George, It is your 2nd birthday and the door has just closed for the final time after your party this evening, my ears are ringing amongst the silence. You are fast asleep in your cot after a very exciting birthday. I head in to the kitchen with a smile – “we did it!!” […]

The World of Beatrix Potter Review, Windermere

The World of Beatrix Potter Review

Recently, I have found my days off with George have been a little how do you put it nicely… mmm “stressful”. George is nearly 2 years old and he wants to be entertained constantly but with me trying to balance home, mum and work life I have found myself doing jobs around the house, replying […]

The Dreaded Terrible Two Phase

Terrible Two Phase

Before I became a parent, I used to think the term “terrible twos” was just an excuse parents used to give to make themselves feel better about their child’s slightly challenging behaviour in front of other people – I mean it’s almost like it’s a loophole isn’t it? You know a bit like the teething […]

5 Simple Tips on Surviving in a Soft Play Area

Soft play area

Soft play time with your darling child- Sounds lovely doesn’t it? You imagine the beautiful sound of your little one giggling, intertwined with the occasional low pitched scream of sheer excitement, whilst you flick your eyes between your child having the “time of their lives” and your OK magazine… the only thing missing is hearing […]