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Celebrities Speak out about their Miscarriages

October is miscarriage awareness month, heart breaking to think that many people suffer miscarriages in silence as the majority of miscarriages take place before the 12-week scan – often before any pregnancy announcements are made. Did you know that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage? The discussion around “miscarriage” is often a “taboo” subject and we admire anyone that speaks out to let other families going through it know they are not alone.

Our Favourite Halloween Shopping Ideas for 2019!

our favourite halloween shopping ideas for 2019

With autumn in full swing and Halloween just around the corner, take a look at three of our favourite Halloween shopping ideas for 2019! Decorate your home in a classy way with these gorgeous Halloween plaques by Wooden Topz Gifts. Made with acrylic these would look fantastic with a tea light behind them for a spooky glow. They are 23cm x 23cm and come with a wooden block to make them freestanding.

5 Halloween Crafts Ideas for Toddlers

Halloween is creeping up so fast and so is half term!!!! To be brutally honest, I don’t know what frightens me the most…. Creepy movies and eerie characters knocking on my door or our little one’s tantrums during half term? Probably the latter.

Either way, a question every parent has is but what can we do at half term with my little ones? The weather is rubbish, indoor play areas are crazy and anything else remotely fun can get a little expensive…

Are you wanting to decorate your house for Halloween? Are you wanting to keep your little ones busy? Why not kill 2 birds with one stone this Halloween with these easy fun craft decorations that we have sourced from other crafty bloggers.

The Best Halloween Decor Items for Families

the best halloween decor for families

Today we have a article from the talented Alice Molloy who owns Alice Molloy Interiors, if you love home decor you should definately head over to her blog. Alice shares her opinion on the best Halloween decor items for families.

First of all, I wanted to introduce myself – I am Alice from Alice Molloy Interiors and this is a very quick blog with some of the best Halloween Decor items for families I have seen around recently to give your home that extra spooky feeling for the kiddies, while keeping it sophisticated at the same time (it can be a tricky task!)

Why Setting up A Pension in your 20/30’s could be the best decision you make.

why setting up a pension plan in your 20s30s could be the best decision you ever make

why-setting-up-a-pension-in-your-20s/30s-could-be-the-best-decision-you-make What do you picture you retirement to look like? Is it filled with endless holidays? Wining and dining in fancy resturants? Taking your grandchildren out on fun days out? or just enjoying your partners company and doing whatever you both want to do.One thing that makes retirement enjoyable is having the time and funds to do whatever you want… but how do you get there? Currently, in 2019 a state pension £168.60. Could you jet set and travel the world on £168.60 a week whilst paying your bills? Sadly not!!!  You couldn’t and your dreams of retirement aren’t necessarily as beautiful as you pictured – Now the good news!!!!

Mini First Aid Review

mini first aid

Mini-first-aid-review I must admit that attending a first aid class was always one of those things on my list of things to do…. one of those things I would repeatedly tell myself “I will book on to this tomorrow” as I buttered my toast and watched in horror at another mother’s agonising pain as she lost her child to something that could have potentially been prevented. To be completely honest with you…  it would quickly slip to the back of my mind as life and jobs took over… until the next horrible story would grasp my attention and I would begin promising myself that “I will book on a course soon” only to have the same outcome each time.

A Dads Honest Account of Shared Parental Leave

A Dads Honest Account of Parental Leave

A dads honest account of parental leave in his own words.

In a few days’ time, I return to work after what will have been 11 weeks of Shared Parental Leave. Truth be told, at this stage, I expected to be quite excited about going back. I was teased before I left work in June that I was about to go through the hardest 3 months of my life. I believed it. Early thoughts of playing golf with my retired Dad every other day were well out of the window!

The First 8 Months

During the first 8 months of my son’s life, he had been a real Mummy’s boy. I didn’t need more than the fingers and thumbs on my hands to count the number of times he’d settled and fallen asleep on me. What was I going to do when he got over-tired and upset? How was I going to settle him without a magic boob to call upon? Did I really have to put him in the car and go for an hour’s drive every morning and afternoon, just to make sure he had his naps?

Baby Rex’s First Autumn – Stacey Gets in the Autumn Spirit

Stacey Soloman

Who doesn’t love the autumn colours – we certainly do. But imagine having your very own Halloween/Autumn flora that drapes around your door. It is Stacey Solomans sons first Autumn and Stacey is keen to get in to the Autumn spirit.